Font from "Archer" on FX

Hi all,

My wife just asked an interesting question. We were watching Archer on Netflix, and she asked for the name of the style of the font in the opening credits. I said, "well, it's a display font." To that she said, "No, I mean, like, '60s spy font.'" So there's the question: What exactly IS the name of that style (if there is one)?

Calculating Licensing for Broadcast


Hello Typohphiles,
I am pretty new as a contributor to the font world and was hoping some more experienced members could point me in the right direction. I recently released a font which has gleaned a lot of attention and now a major US broadcaster is requesting to license it for use as a logo for a television show, for US audience only, for one season for now.

I really have no idea how I should be calculating licensing fees for something like this, or what is appropriate. I neither want to overcharge nor undersell myself on this. The only point of reference I have found is the broadcast license calculator on Typoteque, which feels high to me, but at the same time I am sure the broadcaster is dealing with huge budgets.

What font is CBS television using for their lower third promos?

I'm trying to identify the font that CBS television is currently using for the lower third promos that pop up occasionally during their shows. I photographed a few examples off the television and compiled them into the first .jpg. Second .jpg shows how the text appears on screen.

Any ideas?

Mininum Font Size for the Big Screen?


I wonder if one of you typophiles is an expert in typography for the big screen.
I'm working on a title design and some rolling credits for a short movie.

The font I'm using is NITTI TYPEWRITER in size 35px. But I heard some concerns that the font still might be too small when shown on a cinema screen. The film will be shown on the big movie screen as well as on television.

Does anyone know, what the minimum font size for screening text in a movie theater should be?

Is there a common rule of thumb how a font size "changes" between a TV screen or a big screen?