script handwriting overlap metrics

Script font metrics going wrong with contextual alternates in some apps


I am creating a script font with some slightly complicated contextual alternates.

It runs fine in the Fontlab quicktest and in Adobe applications but not in Word or Wordpad - that's as far as I've got with testing.

The problem seems to arise when substituting a contextual alternate where the alternate glyph has a different width from the default. I don't know if this is relevant, I really haven't a clue what's happening.

For example, in typing 'feel' there's a glyph which is an e coming after an f. Typing this results in the first e being placed too far to the right so that there is a gap between the f and the e and the first e overlaps the second e.

I'm generating as .otf.

Any suggestions gratefully received, it's driving me nuts.