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Resources to research typefaces appropriate for WWII Poland

I'm working on a typography animation for a writer whose story is set in WWII-era Poland. I'd like to use typography appropriate to that time and place in history. Any suggestions you guys have regarding that would be great—but also, can you suggest any reference books or resources to refer to for that sort of thing in general? Today I'm hunting for typography appropriate to WWII-era Poland, but tomorrow it might be 1850s Boston, or who knows where. I'd like to have a big fat book, or some kind of resource to refer to next time I need to research this sort of thing. Any thoughts? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

footnote, endnote reference mark on headings

I'm working on an academic document with lots of footnotes and endnotes. The body copy is set in Minion Pro and the headings are set in Gotham. Should endnote references on headings or any text within a document that is not the same typeface as the body copy, inherit the type styles of the word they are applied to?

I cannot find a good rule for this...

Newbie Type Enthusiast


Hi all. This will be my first post on Typophile. I am very much interested in learning more about type design and it is my ultimate goal to design a few of my own. I already have some ideas floating around my sketchbook. Can anybody offer me some advice on how/where to begin. Also, what are some good resources (books, websites, etc.)? I am studying GD in school at the moment but none of my professors have ever designed their own typeface. Thanks!

Helpful Chart: Font File/Package Types

I saw this chart at Font Shop, and thought it might be a helpful resource for those who need reminders (myself included on occasion) on the differences between all the varietals of professional fonts available for purchase: Pro, Office, OT, etc.

Here's the page from whence it came.


Superscript reference spacing

Hello Typophiles

I'm in the final stages of completing a university book project that I'm entering into the ISTD student awards. I made a post a few months back regarding the format of references and I'm back now to ask your collective advice over their spacing.

I've been using Book Typography - A Designer's Manual, as I always do for book projects, and have followed its guidance on the spacing of references. However, I'm not sure the hard and fast rules are working here. If you look at the attached screen-grab, You can see how the standard width of spacing I've used looks OK, in my opinion, for the reference at the end of the paragraph. But with the ones located in the midst of the text, especially after the quote in italics, they look inconsistently spaced.

Book on foundry pinmarks

Does anyone know of a book in existence which documents type foundries' pinmarks? I thought I saw one once, but might very well be remembering a book on printer's marks or union bugs.

BriarPress.org used to have a section devoted to pinmarks which was great, but it's been down since their redesign (http://www.briarpress.org/15798).

I'm also aware of the pinmark Flickr pool, but that still isn't very heavily populated.