Type Deisgn

How often do you? Adventures in everyday identification.

How often do you? Adventures in everyday identification.

Please answer any portion of the questions below if you are so inclined.

What ratio of good type usage vs. poor type usage do you encounter on a daily basis (outside of work)?

Of the typefaces that you see and read everyday (outside of work), what percentage can you identify in a few seconds? For how long have you worked in your field?

What were the first few typefaces you could identify instantly?

Do you have any typography specific pet peeves?

If you are a type designer, what do you think, how do you feel, when you see your work out in the world?

If you could redesign traits of a specific character from a specific typeface which would it be?


Type & Graphics Foundry

Karandash is a small independent type design studio, based in Varna, Bulgaria. It was established in 2010 by designer Vassil Kateliev, focused in designing high quality body and display typefaces for Eastern Europe, and is especially interested in developing Cyrillic typesets.


12 Graf Ignatiev St., ground floor
9000 Varna, Bulgaria

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