Hi everybody, this is my first post.
I will develop a Serif Display to my post Graduation final project. It will be projected for a Craft magazine and I am looking for some good typefaces that I could use as a reference for my studying.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Everyone!

Hoping you can help me with this. I'm wondering what font this is. Bella Figura calls it Aurora but they change all the names of the fonts they use. Would really like to be able to find it so I can use it.



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Boxcar Type Help

Need help finding a something similar to "Norfolk and Western" in this image:

actually, if you guys know of anything similar to the numerals as well it would be awesome

This is my first post on here,
figured it would be the place to go.


Hello everyone,
I am currently writing a dissertation on type technology, focused on developing a workflow for creating multiweight script/cursive families utilizing Multiple Master technology and some Metafont/Metapost techniques. To be more precise my objective is help the designer in creating calligraphy and brush scripts – of the kind which weight cannot be just changed without complete redrawing (you can’t just move stems around).

I am having trouble determining the fonts in the logo image included. If someone could help me determine what fonts are used, I would greatly appreciated it.

Additionally: If they are commercial fonts, do you know of any free alternatives.

Thank you ahead of time.


I'm a newbie in a need of some typo advice from experts as I have become overwhelmed by browsing the web ...

I'm a student and currently redesigning a medical magazine run by a non-profit student organization.

I'm looking for a sans serif for headings (it will also appear on posters) and a serif for long texts (2 columns).
Keywords: economical, legible, modern

Hello, does anybody know what this font is?

Found on the "View-Master Personal Stereo Camera"

It's very possible that this is a custom drawn logo. But you never know.

Thanks in advance!



I've been designing my first typeface for the last few weeks and I run into a question:

How do you know the proper width for each glyph?

I'm worrying that, for instance, the width of my "A" is too long compared to other letters. Is there a mathematical way or something like that, other than just the naked eye to figure out the correct proportions?

I'm mainly having this issue with the Caps.

Thanks in advance!

If somebody can help me identify this font I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi All,

I've got the font below and want to make it bigger but keep it sharp. Does anyone know which font it is so I can make a new pic?
Please help.



Does anyone know what the s&c in the Shasta College logo is? Client said it was a font called "collegic," but every time I search for it, Collegiate comes up and that's not the right font.. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Client needs more t-shirts and sweaters made but can't, for the life of him, remember the name of the fonts he used before. Spent the whole day yesterday searching for them and am now hoping that someone knows the names of these. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Please assist me in finding out what font this is. It is an arabic font, and I believe the font name started with either a Z, an X, or a T. An image of the font has been attached, for convenience. Thank you very much for the help!
~ Sincerely,

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Please help :)

Hi guys, can you please help me find out which font is used in the pictures?

I think the font is the same in both pictures but just different size. But what is the name of the font?

Thank you in advance!

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Help with identifying font

What font is this.

Thank you

I really need to identify this font guys...

I used it for a website about a year and a half ago and now they want to change the website name but want to use the same font. It's perfect for their website logo.

I just can't remember what the font is called... I really, really need to know what the name of it is. Please. Help.

Hey smart people. I need to try and figure out what font is used in the (god awful) logo.

Let me know if you know :)

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Help : What is this font

I seach the name of this font. Here's a picture.

So basically I made this Eminem fan-art about him being the first true critically and commercially successful rapper(Yeah I know about Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice). And when it came to putting some text in the image I got stuck on the typeface choice. I have used Copperplate Gothic here but I wanted to ask is it appropriate? This confusion was mostly due to someone saying in a thread " Copperplate is a great font but its used in a lot of wrong places". What do you guys think? Is this appropriate? It looks fine to me but I want your advice.

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Font please?

This is from the game Fallout 3, I love this passage and want it tattooed on my lower back in this exact font. Thank you for your help!


Intradiem is a vendor for the company I work for. I'm making a newsletter for print that features them and I can't find the font they used in their logo. It appears to be a blend of serif/sans font - not sure.

The image on this post is pulled from their site header at

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I tried many website to see if I can find the font for the name & contact information on the left side of the logo.
Can anyone tell me what kind of font this is?

Thank you!

I'm working on a wordmark for a consulting firm that mostly does business with the government. Currently it's just ff Olsen with some minor alterations (rounded Corners, shortened ascender and took in the serifs a bit).

Let me know what you think. Is it too plain? awkward looking etc... I think I'm losing the forest for the trees on this one and need some feedback.


I've been looking for this font for sometime now can anyone please help me out.

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