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Please help :)

Hi guys, can you please help me find out which font is used in the pictures?

I think the font is the same in both pictures but just different size. But what is the name of the font?

Thank you in advance!

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Help with identifying font

What font is this.

Thank you

I really need to identify this font guys...

I used it for a website about a year and a half ago and now they want to change the website name but want to use the same font. It's perfect for their website logo.

I just can't remember what the font is called... I really, really need to know what the name of it is. Please. Help.

Hey smart people. I need to try and figure out what font is used in the (god awful) logo.

Let me know if you know :)

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Help : What is this font

I seach the name of this font. Here's a picture.

So basically I made this Eminem fan-art about him being the first true critically and commercially successful rapper(Yeah I know about Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice). And when it came to putting some text in the image I got stuck on the typeface choice. I have used Copperplate Gothic here but I wanted to ask is it appropriate? This confusion was mostly due to someone saying in a thread " Copperplate is a great font but its used in a lot of wrong places". What do you guys think? Is this appropriate? It looks fine to me but I want your advice.

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Font please?

This is from the game Fallout 3, I love this passage and want it tattooed on my lower back in this exact font. Thank you for your help!


Intradiem is a vendor for the company I work for. I'm making a newsletter for print that features them and I can't find the font they used in their logo. It appears to be a blend of serif/sans font - not sure.

The image on this post is pulled from their site header at

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I tried many website to see if I can find the font for the name & contact information on the left side of the logo.
Can anyone tell me what kind of font this is?

Thank you!

I'm working on a wordmark for a consulting firm that mostly does business with the government. Currently it's just ff Olsen with some minor alterations (rounded Corners, shortened ascender and took in the serifs a bit).

Let me know what you think. Is it too plain? awkward looking etc... I think I'm losing the forest for the trees on this one and need some feedback.


I've been looking for this font for sometime now can anyone please help me out.

Can anyone help, please?

Hello! I know this an incredibly stupid font to ask you to name, but it would be nice to know. I've only seen it on Windows computers, and have seen it many times before. Does anyone know this font's name, if so... is it also downloadable?

In this specific case, this was just a screenshot I took from a youtube video. Do not mind what is says, it won't make any sense. Heh Heh.

I lost the name of a font I really like, I have a picture of about 15 letters of the font. If someone recognizes it and can tell me what it's called, I'd really appreciate it. Picture below:

I've been looking for this font's name for months. Nobody seems to know, and the recognition pages didn't get it either.

The sample says "E l B a o". I've seen this fon in one or two places already so, I think it's a famous one.

It's a bold/curly/fantasy font. I suspect it's a free one.

Can anybody help?


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What is this font?

Anyone know what this font is? I have searched several font recognition sites and no luck. Thanks in advance!

My agency's fonts are a MESS!

Does anyone out there know a specialist that can come in to organize our fonts and make sure all of our computers are working with the same consistent library? Every computer (12 of them) has different selection, versions, less or more fonts, corrupt fonts, etc and no computer has a clean master library to copy work from.

I am not sure if this person exists, but if they do, please send me contact info or recommendations!

thank you SO much! :)


I was curious if anyone would recognize this font. I know I have seen it before, any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Hello could you help find the font on the picture please!! It would be very helpful!

Thank You all

My first post!

I'm designing a business card for a mobile pet grooming business and they asked me to include this font. I'm 99 percent sure I've seen it before, I've tried WhatTheFont and other font search tools but so far no cigarette.

I yield to the powers of the internet's hive mind now...

Your help is much appreciated. :)



Hi to All, My name is Matias and I'm from Argentina... I'm need to identify this typography that I think is easy but I have no enough experience like you to do it, please help me, I will appreciate it.


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Unknown Monospace

Anyone know the name of this typeface? The uppercase legs remind me of Simple, but it's not quite the same. Anybody have a clue?

I need to identify this font--it may be that it was a font turned into outlines and tweaked, I am not sure. I am not that knowledgeable about graphics. I tried identifont, no luck.

I've been trying to find this font all day because this picture is too small and I can't make it bigger without it stretching so I'm just going to recreate the logo but I need to find the font to do that. I'm aware that it's blurry but I think you can still get a gist of what the font looks like.

It says "Just Cleaning USA"

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