The font I'm looking for is the one that is usually on those old red and yellow propaganda posters that say things like "Rise up!" and have pictures at fists and hammers at the bottom. I feel like maybe they were old Soviet posters but I can't get a picture of one so I hope someone can help.

Hi folks,

I'm new on here so excuse any blunders or assumptions i might make in my plea for help. I've just finished designing a logo for a client and was just about to get started on some stationary as you do and realised I've been using the same set of fonts for way too long.

I'm asking for a bit of help with type selection to work as part of an identity, so initially stationary and a small brochure. The job is for a client who is about to open a Pilates studio on the UK's South coast. She's got uninterrupted views from the studio out to sea hence the concept for the logo.

I was looking for sans serif that wasn't too slight/condensed to compliment the curves of Hermes used in the logo. But I'm totally open to all suggestions, that's why I'm here.

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here could help me identify this font:

I've seen this one around in a few different places, but haven't yet been able to pinpoint it. It seems like it's similar to Helvetica, except a bit more narrow and some letters, like "D", "C", and "O" are less round. The "R" seems to be very distinctive as well, with the tail curving outward a decent bit more than Helvetica's "R". Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey guys I could use some help on IDing this font. Any ideas?

Need some help...

I love glaserSted font. It's freeware and can be found here:

[link removed by moderator]

However, I do not know the font that this comes from. I'm looking for the "parent" font that the author turned into a stencil type font. Essentially, I'm looking for this simple, sans-serif font to use with glaserSted.




I was hoping someone could help me - I'm currently trying to find the name of this font:

And then a free download to re-create it for a project.

If anyone can help, it's very much appreciated!

It's sort of an emergency... so I'm coming to the experts.

The font isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but its the foundation I need for now.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I was wondering if i may have some assistance in a logo i am creating at the moment. I have licensed metroscript and would like to increase the contrast so the logo is scaleable and legible in small sizes.

So far i have filled the "O"'s counter, as well as the "A"'s to increase legibility, however I am still struggling to add contrast to the logo.

Are there any tips you might have?



This font seems to be a cross between Poetica Roman and Durrow Bold. I can't find it anywhere.


Thank you!!!

Hey everyone!

I work at a graphic design agency, and we're redoing some of our website. For whatever reason some of the source files are hard to access and we're trying to identify one of the fonts, but we're having trouble. So, naturally, I thought I'd hit up Typophile for help. Here are some URL's.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

If anyone could help i would appreciate it so much! I have looked through thousands of pages of fonts, trying to find this one, or one close to it! It would mean so much to me!


My name is Shanna Fuller and I work at a business in Huntsville, Al. My boss and his wife were watching TV last night and a Pamprin commercial came on.

My boss LOVED the grayed out 'Pamprin' logo in the commercial and my job is to find out what the font is. I called around a little and used and it gave me similar results, but nothing exact. The 'a' is what he really likes. Can you help me? :)

I contacted the actually company and they left a message with their ad agency that created the commercial, but they may never contact me back. I know it is a weird request.

Your site is very interesting by the way!!

Thanks for any help at all :)

This is probably a no-brainer for many people here, but...what font is this? Please help.

Thanks for any and all help in advance.

I created a font for a school assignment a while ago, and I'm having a little trouble with Open-Type in order to make it work properly.see the font here:
Since the typeface uses shoes as characters, I needed it to be like this:
Right foot, Left foot,Right foot, Left foot,Right foot, Left foot,

At first I just put all the right feet in uppercase glyphs and left feet in lowercase glyphs, so you needed to type ThIs WaY to make it work (not the best solution, but I had a tight deadline). Now I am trying to find an open-type solution to make it look right regardless of how you write, but I'm not sure about which open-type feature I should use.
I am a bit of a noob at Font Lab, so any help would be appreciated.

Hi - I really appreciate the help of this great forum to identify this Font. I have looked everywhere I can ... but I am not an expert :) cheers Nikos

I have been working on a project at work and threw it on my Dropbox to work on at home a bit... while the InDesign file is fine, all of the typeface files are zero bytes and don't work! Hmm... figured it was just a weird thing, so I tried it again, and also emailed the typeface to me (both zipped up, and by attaching each file singularly). And again... zero bytes.

I am at a loss - very strange problems. Any ideas?

Can anyone help? This is from a band t-shirt. Label reads: Vintage fiftyfive black rebel motorcycle club. I have tried to look for this on what the font but no luck.

Thank you! Thank you!

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Type Anatomy Reference


I am new to typography & recently started reading about typography in detail. As a first step, i am trying to understand type anatomy, to help myself i making a simple poster with type anatomy explained, so i can stick it in-front of me & let it hammer in my mind.

Till now, these are the details i am able to fetch from various sources :

Now, it would be really helpful if you can just check & let me know if i am missing something or done something wrong there.

Thanks for your time !


I need your help to recognize this policy. I want to know it so as to build a software using this kind of policy. One of colleague told me to use this one, but I don't have any idea about its name.

Please, help me.
Thank you very much,

Kind regards.


PS : I only own some figures, no letters...

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FREE Font?!

Does anyone know a FREE font that's very similar to Soho Gothic?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there this is my first post-
Rookie designer looking for some critique/ feedback on these logos.

This is a re-brand for an established IT help desk company
which is looking to promote the web hosting side of their business.

They're present branding includes the red colour, with just text (arial i think)
I'd unfotrunately like to stick with only the fonts you get free on a standard mac.

I would like to present a maximum of 3 logos to the client,
not got the confidence yet to decide for myself whats best.

Any feedback welcome, just your top 1 or 2 logos
some finish work needed on all logos

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need help!

Hi there,

I am in need of some serious help with my font. I have already designed it, and when I go and and export it into FontLab, everything gets messed up. Does anyone know of a company or a freelance typeographer that can help me out? MyFonts have already set up an foundry, and I didn't realize it would be this difficult. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, that would be great!

Thank you,

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I cant see my outlines

Hi everyone,

I have a very script and ornate font that I am trying to generate. Can someone tell me why, when I generate my font, I cannot see the smaller outlines to my font? Also, I might need to pay a company/person to help me generate this font. Can anyone tell me of a company in the L.A. area that can do this for me? Or a freelance Typographer?

Thank you,

Hello! I've got a bit of dilemma on my hands. I'm currently the design editor of my university's student newspaper and for April 1st we're doing a joke issue with the theme "time warp." Each page will be from a certain period in time, with the first page being the beginning of the universe (the leading cover choice right now is a blank page) and the last page will the end of it. All pages will be themed, with some modeled after illuminated manuscripts and others 1920s newspapers, for example.

Now, I'm incredibly excited for this project, but the fonts have got me tripped up, specifically at the very beginning (cavemen and the discovery of fire) and the end (the far, far future). Anything after the start of movable type I'm fine with, obviously, because I can start to use Garamond and the like. But I'd like some ideas for the type before typography and into the future.

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Hi all,

I've been working on and off on this typeface for the last few months. While I did start creating one a few years ago, I'd consider this my first "real" attempt at a full font. While a lot of the details are more suited to display purposes, I'm also trying to make it work at smaller sizes (maybe a separate text version?).

I haven't really shown it to many people yet and I'd like to know what you think and if it's worth continuing with. I'm mainly concerned about it looking too amateur-ish and wanted to know if there are any glaring beginner mistakes/things I've missed.

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