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An alternative to CoopBlack with lower case

Hi all,

I'm designing a UI for a kids video game and I had chosen House Industries CoopBlack display face to do some of the titling.

We've been doing some testing with an early years education centre, and they have raised the issue that kids in the game's age group (2-4) have not yet been taught to read capital letters. Unfortunately CoopBlack is caps only!

There is a lower case version of the face which was created by Christian Schwarz for Toys R Us, but it's not publicly available: http://www.orangeitalic.com/coop.shtml

Can anyone recommend a similar fun and chunky display face with a lower case?

All suggestions greatly appreciated!

Black/Ultra/Extra Bold, Somewhat Geometric Sans

Looking to ID the "Piedmont" typeface here. It's somewhat geometric (similar to Futura or Gotham) but the "M" has the sloped sides. Bureau Eagle is similar but has the pointed vertices for the "M" and "N."

As a bonus, also would like to know what "Garage Doors" is set in as well.

I think we all know the other typeface here. And the likely story behind it ("Can you open this in Word and just add "A Brenner Family..." along the bottom? Yes! Perfect!")

Any ideas?

Cross-style headline Didone


This is my debut typeface (which is still untitled).
What initially meant to be modular serif inspired by arab calligraphy, turned out into somewhat modernist base with elements used by older serif typeface styles.

Some glyphs still need work - namely N, Q, X, f, x, 4, 8.
Also I haven't started to work on kerning yet.
And FL technical features are like a plane cockpit to me.

These analogues are the closest of what I managed to find:
Sahara Bodoni
Austin Fat
http://Nouvelle Vague

A cuddly fat font


Care to critique these lowercase forms? Still working on the /y/, but I'd like some input on the rhythm so far and how it can be improved. Not too happy with that /s/, though. I just saw Sudtipo's newly released Fiancé which has the same soft-ness I'm going for. It has what I call a baby s...maybe I'll take cues from that.

Ultrablack geometric sans on 50s-70s Hungarian Poster

This is off one of a series of industrial information posters from the communist era in Hungary that I bought in Budapest a few years ago. (The other posters have different typefaces, ranging from Gill Sans to Helvetica and a few more more-or-less interesting ones I can't identify, might post them later if there's interest.) The text reads: "do not touch the oxygen flasks with oily greasy hands". Design in Hungary was good but tended to change less with the times, therefore the very wide time range.

I've photographed, cropped, cleaned up and tried to straighten this as best I could, though it's still a bit warped. Whatthefont turns up nothing. Any ideas? Some of the letterforms are slightly awkward (especially the g) but overall I like it a lot.

Two New Releases From Greater Albion


Here are samples of Greater Albion Typefounders' latest two releases, which have just launched on myfonts.com and fontspring.com.

Paragon is a display Roman family of nine faces, combining elements of formality and fun. It embodies a high degree of contrast between near hairline horizontal strokes and bold vertical strokes. The family is offered in three widths and in regular, small capitals and title faces. Use Paragon to lend impact to your next design project.

(x) Nice Black Rounded (and nice design btw) - Ultramagnetic Bold {Chris K}

Hello All!

I can't identify that font (tried "what the font"...), and I'm sure I already saw it somewhere, recently I think

mega shark

I'm talking about the titling font, like "DEATH IN THE SKIES" (though it looks like text font is the same one...)

Anybody has an Idea?

Thanx in advance for your reply :)