I'm looking for the typeface on Pro Taper specifically the one used in the slideshow images on the home page. I've found similar but nothing that included any italics.

I was wondering if anyone knew the typeface that displayed the soccer players names for the Italian soccer team in the Euro 2012 games? I have attached a picture.


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Tampa Bay jersey

florida jersey that I need to identify a script font for.

What is the typeface used on the back of the New York Knicks' jersey. What is used for the player's name, as well as the numbers?

Any help would be great. Need to know for a related project.

I would just like to say I really enjoy the font on the 2010 Italian team's World Cup jersey's used for the player names. Nice work Puma.

Example here

I'm trying to figure out who did the typography for the Italian national football team jerseys of 2010-2012. Puma seems to be responsible for the jerseys but who did the type? Do you know?

Here's a photo of the jersey:

Hey all! i'm in desperate need of finding the script font on the jersey of the attached photo. I'm making some graphics for them and they're being sticklers about keeping that look but they don't know what the font is. I'm having difficulty finding a script font that's upright AND doesn't haven't a loop in the 'l". I'd greatly appreciate your help! Thanks!


I'm new to this website, and was hoping someone could help me identify some fonts. I will post an image of the font(s) in question.

Thanks in advance.


trying to find the fonts used on these jerseys...thanks for any help!!!

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