Logo that needs type correction and maybe more?


First and foremost, forgive me for my relatively bad English.

I really love this forum. I've learned so much in here. I'm an educated graphic designer, but type in logos are my biggest challenge. I know how much it means to have the right font, spacing and more...

Can you help me with the font/spacing/lettering on this one??

And what do you think: The first (with round corners) or the last with hard lines???

File is attached...

Thank you in advance...

1930 Polo Magazine Font

Hello Typophiles,

I am designing a website for a polo club. As a source of inspirations I have the following picture of a magazine (1930), from the time this club was at its peak. Is there a close approximate to this font, which would fit nicely to the sport (fast, noble and demanding) and which would serve as a reminder to those times. I would use this font for headlines and maybe for the navigation. What body text would go nicely with it?

As I am yet new to web design and typography I would very much appreciate your help. I am a little stuck on this. I have already looked through type specimens but the sheer amount of fonts and the science to it is quite overwhelming. I hope I am not asking too much.

Thanks for you help and greetings from Austria

Need to id script font on bball jersey--help!

Hey all! i'm in desperate need of finding the script font on the jersey of the attached photo. I'm making some graphics for them and they're being sticklers about keeping that look but they don't know what the font is. I'm having difficulty finding a script font that's upright AND doesn't haven't a loop in the 'l". I'd greatly appreciate your help! Thanks!