It's not the first Font Generator I've seen and you'll probably have to go in and correct individual glyphs, but still, looks interesting.


A Prima/Vera derived fixed-pitch system font by Apple included in Mac OS X starting with Snow Leopard to replace Monaco.

Apple "Menlo" font...

Does anyone know how to set some parameters that restrict a font to specific sizes? In my case, I need the character to be no smaller than 12pt and no bigger than 72pt. I would like the character to change to another character for sizes smaller than 12pt or bigger than 72pt.

Is this sort of thing possible in FontLab 5 with the OpenType programming panel?


Indices : "How To" Section : Programming OpenType Features

OpenType is a powerful new font format that gives users a much broader range of typographic and linguistic control than has previously been available with a single digital font. More and more type foundries offer OpenType (OT) fonts these days and one can expect the average user to become more aware of the benefits of OT fonts as more applications take advantage of their capabilites in the future.

Getting Started

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