Photofonts and Bitfonter


Photofonts + Bitfonter + Novo Typo
We are experimenting with Bitfonter trying to produce some new photofonts. Does anyone have experience with the formats, the program and the final results? It seems that Fontlab stopped with further development with this program. Is there any progress? We love to hear from the fontlab community. Advice and help would be really appreciated.

Simultaneously changing size of multiple glyphs in Fontlab?


Hi, I'm in the middle of creating a digital version of my 40s typewriter font. So far I used Bitfonter and have now imported into FontLab. For some reason though all the glyphs became much bigger in Fontlab, exceeding the ascender and descender heights by far. Anyway, I started to go about manually changing a few whilst mindlessly watching TV only to realise that surely there must be a way to change them uniformly?? Even in BitFonter actually there is a way to resize all selected glyphs in the glyph window. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.