sans serf

Can you please identify this san serif?

Please help...

I think it has alterations, but I would love to know what font is this.

Hello all,

First of all I want a thank to the people in this forum for the support and knowledge given, although this is my first post I've been consulting the site on a regular basis and has been always a great help.

I was trying to create a typeface of my own based on early geometric fonts like Kabel or Futura with a contemporary look to work as a display typeface with alternate glyphs and features for titling, but the project has become a monster itself and I'm getting stuck in the way and I'm a bit desperate for a second opinion.

Please check out my first font release, Grey Sans!

Grey Sans is a contemporary sans with an angular design. Routed in both modern geometry and historical handwriting, Grey Sans bridges the gaps of neutrality and warmth, precision and humanism, and serious and fun. Grey Sans covers the grey areas of typeface design.

Available at:
MyFonts | Fontspring | YouWorkForThem | HypeForType |

Thank you.

Can anyone help identify this font?

Thank you!

I found this typoeface in a gestalten Published book called 'Utopia Forever' I've seen it before, I really like the font, does anyone have an ID on this?

would be very very grateful

Can anyone identify the font used in 'the cookbook store' logo? Online services suggest ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi and Swiss 721 but they're not quite right. It's most noticeable in the characters 'c', 'k' and 's' for Avant Garde.

The store's website:

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

WhatTheFont didn't turn up an exact match but it does look like Lorimer No.2 with a more egg-shaped lower-C and quite a different R. The differences are not subtle enough to convince me this is modified from Lorimer No.2 and I've never seen anything like it plus this is a Japanese publication so I'm guessing what else it could be. Perhaps a Japanese foundry?号 Click on the book cover to see it enlarged. I'm referring to the font used in "arc/15".

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