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I need 2 fonts, both of which must look like handwriting: one for the Greek alphabet, and one for Russian (Cyrillic).

Text is meant to be set in 1730, in an old book.

This is a time-sensitive request -- thanks for any help you can provide!



Pendula™ is an adaptation of Pittorseques Droites (Scenic Casual) found in the circa 1924 specimen book of La Fonderie Typographique Francaise. Changes to a very small number of the original characters were made to make the typeface work better with more languages, as well as for aesthetic reasons. A newly designed Cyrillic character set was added to make the design even more useful, enlarging the character set from the basic Latin set to over 650 glyphs covering seven languages. Pendula™ also includes tabular and proportional number sets plus a bonus set of over thirty monetary symbols. Other international symbols were included too. It is a wonderfully casual and flexible design, usable in many situations.

Hi Typophiles,

I'm a publisher and designer and need to establish good type design parameters for Russian books. I don't speak Russian and therefore can't come up with settings that Russian readers would consider ideal for sustained reading. For English text and the usual text faces, the ideal number of characters (including spaces and punctuation) is about 67 per line. Has anyone heard of an ideal number for Russian? Grateful for any lead. :)

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Imperia Vodka


Does anybody know what typeface is used here for the Imperia Vodka logo?
I would also be happy with anything similar to this, but ideally would like to identify this face specifically.


I am after a bit of type-sleuthing for this early (1917) example of what I guess is a wood type slab serif for PRAVDA. Kind of similar to this revival family but not quite, missing the rounded exit junctions before the slab-serifs...

Any clues?

thanks as ever for your time!

Hello there, thank you please if you can help me?
I am hoping you might recognize this font that is
-- sort of serif-y
-- and has horizontal lines across lower case letters.
--It has diamonds over all vowels, and under the s
--The ampersand is pretty wild with a long wavery tail
--some of the letters are above or below the horizontal pediment
--there is a little decorative blip at the top of the rounds of the lower case letters
--The Capital letters are seeming tilted forward or back a bit
-- it is from a wordpress blog page, probably made in the last couple years
--I thought at first it might be hand drawn, which I think I could do, but will also have to take out ''steady hand insurance" or else it might really run uphill and downhill. lol

Thank you for reading my words.

Hi everybody!
I'm from Bulgaria.
Long time I've wanted to discuss the issue of neglected Cyrillic alphabet.

Yuri Gordon

Indices : Designers : Yuri Gordon

Yuri Gordon (Юрий Гордон) is a Russian designer and author of «Книга про буквы от Аа до Яя» (Book of Letters From Аа to Яя. Yuri is also principal of the Moscow-based Letterhead Studio.

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