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Clip by Urtd


Clip is a display typeface inspired by the shape of a paperclip, but it’s not designed with the usual minimalistic modular approach. Instead, Clip mimics the construction, proportions and contrast of classic bold text typefaces and has one unique characteristic: each of its characters is drawn with only one single line.

Clip family consists of 3 fonts, Hair, Light and Regular, each with 745 glyphs (supporting more than 70 latin based languages), 4 stylistic sets and advanced OpenType features. When Stylistic set 1 is activated, the overlapping loops contract, giving the text a whole new character. Moreover, every uppercase character is also available in an ornamental swash variant, which means most of the capitals have four different versions.

Script in Neon?

First of all, thanks in advance for any input you may have for me. I am new to Typhophile and I am having a bit of an internal struggle with the task in front of me!

I am working on some logo concepts for an outdoor nightclub. The major overriding condition is that it has to have a neon influence. That is not particularly taxing, however the client is quite convinced that the lettering should be in a script face. The face that my client prefers is Rapier.

elvis font

I need a retro looking font similar to the ELVIS and VEGAS text in this graphic. Any ideas?

Also any other recomendations for fifties, showbill, impressive, neon lights fonts welcomed.

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks