Need help identifying the slab serif that AIGA is using for their Design for Good initiative...

Need help identifying the slab serif that AIGA has been using for their Design for Good initiative....

I realize "typography workshop" is very vague, which is why I'm looking for input from others who have attended or even assembled workshops for events like TypeCon, et al.

I'm on the board of directors for our local chapter of AIGA in Nebraska (USA). I'd like to consider hosting a one-day or two-day workshop that would allow our local design community to dive deeper into typography-related learning than what is available at most 4-year schools. Obviously I'm not looking to make them experts in 7 hours, but I would at least like to let them get their hands dirty doing something they wouldn't normally do.

Anyone know what typeface is that?

Many thanks!

Anyone want to take a gander at which font this is? The "M" and "N" look a lot like Neutraface or Verlag, but the "Q" is really throwing a wrench in things.

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