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Logo for publishing company

It's my first post, so hello everyone.
I would like to know your opinion about this logo, which I created for publishing company called WiR. It's completely imaginary company which produces books and e-books in two languages. My idea is that they have a special method where text flow from one language to the other. That's why I tried to connect all 3 letters. "W" and "R" are first letters of founders surnames and "i" is "and" in my language. What do you think?

Celebrating 3 years of our small digital foundry


Dear Typophiles,

On 7th May, we'll make small internal celebration for our 3rd birthday since we published our first font family under our label – Tour de Force Font Foundry.

We would like you to suggest one our font family that you'd like to see with discount 50% off!

The list of font families can be found here:

Place your vote on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/tourdefonts) until 4th May, we'll count them all and choose the one most voted and make it available for the 7th May only.

We'd like to thank all nice people we met (mostly online), experiences they shared, things we learned and all our old and new customers.

Thanks all.

- Dusan