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Adobe Font licensing for PC games

I've posted in Adobe's community forums but does anyone know if Adobe's standard font license covers use of fonts in PC games? I've tried using their help system to find out directly but it seems its not possible to contact Adobe unless you either buy a product or pay for support and I don't have access to either directly at work.

In my experience font foundries always require a special license for use of fonts in games. However I've been told that Adobe's standard font license covers use in games and I'd like to confirm this. I very much doubt its true but does anyone know for a fact?

Thanks everyone.

Latest AFDKO 2.5 seems broken



I tried this today and it seems broken. The paths in FinishInstallWindows.cmd seem incorrect (I get errors). Even when I manually enter the correct paths, set the PATH etc., and re-login, the tools give python errors.

Switching to Fontlab macro style: There is no FDK/Tools/FontLab directory in the FDK tree, and there is no installFontLabMacros.py anywhere in the zip.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Did I get an incorrect zip somehow?

BTW, I have Python 2.7.1 installed previously on my system (so I can already I run the occasional FontLab script)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Desired OpenType UI

I’d love to have same feature set in InDesign and Illustrator. I’d love to have the ease of use of Stylistic Sets, Character Variants, OT Dropcaps, Historical Forms, Historical Ligatures, OT Unicase and Nut Fractions. I’ve made this rather raw and quick mockup and I want to share it with you, fellow typophiles. I’m not affiliated with Adobe, these are just my thoughts on how to UI could work.

Maybe you have some other ideas? Firefox Nightly and some other browsers for example, supports almost all OT features by font-feature-settings: "xxxx";. So this support could be done. Maybe it’s possible to convince other software developers to support more OT features?

Digital Typography & Artificial Intelligence


On Saturday evening 12 October 2013, the diner of the yearly ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) conference took place at the atmospheric Winter Garden restaurant of Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. More than 300 attendees enjoyed the excellent buffet. Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 3rd Dr. Peter Karow Award for Font Technology & Digital Typography to Dr. Donald E. Knuth, world famous for developing TeX and Metafont.

Craigslist buyer looking for software... but why?

I have a copy of CS3 Design premium and put it up on Craigslist. This guy almost immediately contacts me with his number and wants to buy it. Then I see the same phone number on another post offering to buy all these software programs. What's his deal? Why would he want to buy all this software? Am I missing an opportunity for more cash? Is he bootlegging it? Anyone have an idea?


Font with Kerning only works in TextEdit



I am trying to generate my new font I have created, but am having serious trouble with the kerning. I have tried a plethora of different options, but nothing seems to be working. Basically, I export my font, but the kerning rarely shows up in applications. I know there is a kerning table, though, because the font works correctly in TextEdit (mac).

I am using Fontlab Studio. When I try the font in Photoshop and Microsoft Word, it does not kern. Are there any ideas as to why this would be? Thank you very much in advanced.

Andrew Keith Strauss lecture; Type Matters: The Artistry of Bookbinding and Letterforms

Thursday, December 6, 2012, 7:30 PM
Free to the public

Andrew Keith Strauss will present a free lecture about the history of typography from the calligraphic era to the present digital age. Andrew Keith Strauss is an Adobe Certified Training Provider. He offers consulting, support and training in print, digital, video and online publishing technologies. His specialties include cross-media publishing, structured documentation, typography and colour theory. He provides customized service to clients across many different industries.

Strauss will cover a range of topics including:
[1] The invention of the alphabet
[2] Stone carving and inscriptions
[3] Handwriting with ink and paper
[4] Three-dimensional letterpress printing

Beginner font packages comparison



I am a student, currently in the process of purchasing my first font pack. After doing some research on this forum I came across two particular options that seems to fit what I need

Adobe FontFolio Education Essentials,


the 1000 fonts from bitstream that are stored with CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5

now my question is which would be better for someone in my position?

Should I stick with the Adobe collection because of the versatility of it's collection, or get the CorelDraw fonts because of the vast immensity in the scale of what it offers? Which of the two would offer me a better ground as far as building up my skills, and collection from?

Trouble using Japanese Fonts in Adobe


I've downloaded some free Japanese fonts and want to use them in programs like Illustrator or InDesign. They come as .ttf for Windows and .suit for OS X. Neither have displayed anything but rectangles in Adobe or word processors. On both operating systems, the fonts seem properly installed but they don't work with the Japanese text I copy and paste in.

The Japanese fonts which appear to have been preloaded on my system work fine, so i know I can display Japanese but no other fonts i acquire work.


What is this font? (sthg near from pixeldust)


I was navigating by Andy Gugel's Portfolio on behance.net.
At the end of the page of "Adobe - better by you" ( http://www.behance.net/gallery/Adobe-Better-by-You/56095 )
there's a text "THE "BETTER BY YOU" CONCEPT BRINGS A COMMUNITY-BASED WEB ENVIROMENT TO ADOBE.COM WHERE USERS CAN UPLOAD...". The font used in this text is amazing for little details (something near from pixeldust) . I would love to know what is this font, i really need something like this, if you can help me.

Help Adobe pick its next round of web fonts

Do you have ideas about Adobe's next web fonts release? Let us know what you'd like to see. http://bit.ly/bmr0xP

It would be nice if those interested in making suggestions would read Christopher's full blog post linked to above and comment on our blog. But if you're in a hurry, we can take comments here as well. However, please choose only from the following list:

Alexa Std
Arno Pro
Balzano Std
Banshee Std
Bell Centennial Std
Bickham Script Pro*
Birch Std
Blackoak Std
Brioso Pro
Brush Script Std
Caflisch Script Pro*
Caliban Std
Adobe Caslon Pro
Century Old Style Std
Chaparral Pro*
Charlemagne Std
Cooper Black Std*
Copal Std
Coriander Std
Cottonwood Std
Courier Std
Cronos Pro*
Cutout Std
Flood Std
Fusaka StdGaramond Premier Pro*
Adobe Garamond Pro*

My latest Dell purchase has helped me see the light: I'm getting a Mac next

It's not even been a year, and my overpriced Dell Studio 15 is making funny noises. I'm tired of flimsy plastic, cheap keys, and bizarre errors, and seriously considering buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Does anyone own one and can share a bit about what they about the computer? Specifically, is anyone running Adobe CS5 apps on it? Can it handle them well?

Your input would be proverbially much appreciated.

(x) Adobe CS icon/logo typeface - Adobe Clean {Antonio}

I apologize if this has been posted before, but I tried the advanced search and came up empty. I'm searching for the specific typeface used in the Adobe CS icons. With CS5 I know they kind of modified their icon set, but for the most part I believe it's been the same characters from CS3-CS5. I've read elsewhere that it's Myriad Pro Bold, but I know it's definitely not, unless they did some manual reworking of each individual character. If anybody could shed some light on this I'd greatly appreciate it.

PostScript error when Distiller embeding the font


I exported my font in FontLab Studio as OpenType PS format and I tested the font with different software to see if it is okay.

I found that using Adobe Acrobat virtual printer to "print" the MS Word/WordPad document using my font, it will cause a postscript error:

%%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
CNLicense-A not found, using Courier.
%%[ Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: show ]%%
(%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

However, when I use the built-in PDF export feature in Illustrator and OpenOffice.org Writer in Ubuntu, no error is found and the font can be embedded successfully.

The "Adobe Text" typeface, and some other x-heightable issues.

I noticed that the Adobe Typblography, has announced the new font bundling scheme for CS5.

The details are available here:


It appears though that there is a new Robert Slimbach font that Adobe intends to release (as a registration incentive), called Adobe Text.

Does anyone have any additional information available regarding this particular family. From the little information available on the Adobe type blog, it would appear to support Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, and I assume that it would contain the full Adobe range of optical sizes. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have someone (possibly from the Adobe team) provide us with some insights into what else we may expect.

Reinventing the System: The New Adobe Desktop Brand

Ran across this blog post from Adobe this morning and thought it was really fascinating, great read on the history and development of the Adobe branding for their desktop apps:
http://Reinventing the System: The New Adobe Desktop Brand

(also appears to hint that we'll see CS5 very soon)

Learning Adobe Illustrator for CorelDRAW users


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are any resources available for CorelDraw users trying to learn Adobe Illustrator. Google has proven fruitless, as it just returns a list of debates about the merits of both pieces of software. I don't care which one is better - I use Draw and want to learn Illustrator too in case I need to use it in the future.

Ideally, I'd like to find a chart along the lines of "INSTEAD OF THIS -> DO THIS". Quick and simple.

- Lex

Mac Font Management

I'm starting to get more and more fonts built up in my library. Believe it's time to outgrow Font Book and look for something more professional.

I'm on Snow Leopard (Mac) and the tools I use are Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4 and a lot of Fireworks CS4.

What I'm looking for specifically is a font management application that allows for auto activation for any program that I use on my system. For example, if I open up a project in Fireworks, or even Microsoft Word or Excel, and have used a font that is no longer activated as of right now that it will automatically activate the font for the time being just for that particular program.

Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

From Adobe's website:
Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Adobe Reader 9.2 and Acrobat 9.2 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, and Adobe Reader 8.1.7 and Acrobat 8.1.7 for Windows and Macintosh. These vulnerabilities could cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Just got a new Mac... thinking about Fontfolio

Hey everyone,

I just got a new Macbook Pro and (finally) upgraded to Adobe CS4. I'm happy I got some better fonts for my collection, but was looking at the Adobe Font Folio 11 collection.

Just a couple of questions:

Do you think it is a wise purchase or are there better collections for the money out there?
If it isn't worth the money, can you suggest another bulk font package to purchase?
What are your thoughts about the collection in general?

I've had 3 jobs in my career and all have had font collections on the servers to pull from. Doing more freelance work these days requires more fonts and I absolutely hate stealing so I would like to purchase some of my own. Many thanks for everyone's thoughts!

Happy new year!