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Helvetica Neue Paneuropean Family Pack — Sufficient for US as well as Europe?

Good morning good people,
My department of designers are aggressively reassessing the brand image of the company we work for, starting with consistency of visual language. The Senior Designer established that the current corporate typeface, Helvetica Neue (or is it properly Neue Helvetica?), is perfectly suitable for our needs. It works quite well with all the various weights and styles for the US market, however our international offices are just frustrated. Characters are missing for the Bosians and the Russians do not have enough variation with the basic cyrillic family they have and so on and so on. Many of the offices have elected to use Myriad Pro as a substitute and it's just destroying our brand objectives. This must stop.
I found this:

Does Helvetica Neue have these characters?

Č and đ

Konzumirati ohlađeno.
Čuvati od dohvata male djece.

I'm working on a European product label with 4 languages slapped on there. The corporate font is Helvetica Neue, but the Desktop Publisher is telling me I have use Myriad Pro due to it's support of this specific language (Bosnian, I think)

Any tips would be helpful. I'm inclined to hire a typographer to make these characters for us if they don't exist...

Close Helvetica Neue alternative on Google Web Fonts


Just wondering if anyone can please recommend a close alternative to Helvetica Neue on Google Web Fonts please? Open Sans seems close, but we're needing a fairly light (300) weight font, and we're wondering if there are any other alternatives you can recommend please?

Thank you.