ATypI Accommodation Sharing

Going to ATypI in Hong Kong this year? Eben Sorkin and I have booked 7 nights at US$260/night total for a twin room at a deluxe 5 star hotel with a gym, pool, etc. Following my remit to encourage sharing and be absurdly cheap, I'm hoping to share the room and split the cost further. If you're interested, email us - dave@understandingfonts.com / eben@eyebytes.com

the Type for our Age

Hello Everybody,

Short: would you think a Sans-Serif, Futura, Bifur Type describes our time today?

I have a question which I would be very grateful if you could give me an answer to, a tip, your point of view. I am about to do my Bachelor this semester and I would like to do a Font Specimen 'in/with' pictures i.e involving human faces/models. It should be something like bringing fashion photography and typography together, on both booklet and poster.

I wanted to do something for the age, like portraying a feeling of today, like contemporary people.
For me - and of course for all of us I can guess - Types are more than just Fonts, forms and words put together, there is a soul, a character behind and there is only one accurate or the right one for a topic.