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New series: Parisine PTF Gris


During the summer 2009 we’ve been asked by Real Simple to customize Parisine PTF for their own use. We've adjusted few things for Real Simple and created new weights. Today, we've integrated this idea of intermediate weights into Parisine PTF Gris: A new Regular between the original Parisine PTF Clair Bold and Parisine PTF Regular (as on the image above). Bold follow same mechanism. Finally, it’s also why this new sub-family was called *Gris* (Gray in English).

Parisine Office Std: 50% off until end of June 2010


Parisine Office Std was originally created by Jean François Porchez for RATP in 2005. This new variation “Std” is the basic version of the tailored Parisine Office PTF who feature a smaller xheight and perform better on text setting, editorial projects. The design of the italic lowercases is more cursive than in Parisine PTF. Two sets of figures are provided—standard, oldstyle, and lining—in tabular widths.

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TDC2 - 2010

Dear all,

I trust you have all seen the results of tdc2, 2010. I have failed to find everyone's opinion on the results. For me, there was one major surprise but I might be wrong.


What are your thoughts?

(PS. Does anyone know whether it is possible to know what faces were entered, all I can get is the list of the award recipients?)

Keyboard Wall Calendar 2010


This is the wall calendar for the year 2010. It's made of two thousand and ten keyboard keys. This design offers a new visual experience of time, differently than your average wall calendar. It looks beautiful on the wall, and makes finding dates and marking events a creative process.

The size of the print is B0 (70cm x 100cm / 27.56” x 39.37”).

The printing is done with a standard 4c offset printing machine on 135g/m2 glossy paper, finished with a UV coating to protect the colors from bleaching. The UV coating also provides protection against water and dust.


Worldwide shipping (folded in a protected envelope) is included in the price of $20.10.

For $9.90 extra the wall calendar will be sent rolled in a reusable plastic tube.