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About designing and releasing a font family

I'm designing a huge, multi-script sans serif family with true italic. At the moment I've almost finished the regular and started the italic. The thin and black masters are also at the very beginning. The question is—should I release and start selling regular and italic and later add other weights later (this is better for me) or wait and release the whole family (this, I think, would be more fair for customers).

What would you do? I've seen both release models on MyFonts and I'm not sure which one to choose.

Typesetting a range of times or just time in general


I've seen many different ways time is handled. For example 6p.m. 6 p.m. (with a space and periods, which I read is the way it's supposed to be written) Sometimes PM(can be in small caps) If it was 5—6 p.m. there would be a en dash between the range of time. Is there a correct way in typography on how to set the time? How would I write 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.? 10 a.m.—7 p.m.?

Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown disply type


We would love to know what font is used on this very popular series of books published in the late 80s by Time-Life

As ever, many thanks for your time and expertise! This post is also related to an enquiry about a similar tpyeface used on a Hernan Bas catalogue from Germany which I will be posting next...

The Bee

Im working on poster and like to hear some fead back I have 2 versions. I started with illustration drawing and now leaning on digital. It is reflection on Time and time by using Kin Hubbard quote «The bee isn't really that busy — it just can't buzz any slower.» Final size will be 40in or abut 101cm high.

Link: The Bees


Tabular data: Setting ranges of time

I'm typesetting a schedule of events for a client.

The schedule table is made up of three columns of information: the time range, the event name, and the location. My question is about how best to set the ranges of time in the first column.

Should the numerals in the ranges of time align vertically? Or is vertical alignment not a desirable goal because the information isn't meant to be compared or contrasted?

Keyboard Wall Calendar 2010


This is the wall calendar for the year 2010. It's made of two thousand and ten keyboard keys. This design offers a new visual experience of time, differently than your average wall calendar. It looks beautiful on the wall, and makes finding dates and marking events a creative process.

The size of the print is B0 (70cm x 100cm / 27.56” x 39.37”).

The printing is done with a standard 4c offset printing machine on 135g/m2 glossy paper, finished with a UV coating to protect the colors from bleaching. The UV coating also provides protection against water and dust.


Worldwide shipping (folded in a protected envelope) is included in the price of $20.10.

For $9.90 extra the wall calendar will be sent rolled in a reusable plastic tube.