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What the font?

Please, help me :)

what is this font - obviously customised....anyone know?

If somebody can help me identify this font I would greatly appreciate it.

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What Font is this? Please help!

Hi guys and gals, I really, really, really need to know what this font is, any help would be extremely helpful!

Hello, I am happy to finally announce the release of my new typeface!

Rukou -- a geometric-script typeface influenced by schoolhand
[Bad link]

Does any one know what font is used on the text young dro, i wanted to see if i could find the text with the scratches on it, any advice is welcomed and appreciated! thanks.

Hey everyone!

I work at a graphic design agency, and we're redoing some of our website. For whatever reason some of the source files are hard to access and we're trying to identify one of the fonts, but we're having trouble. So, naturally, I thought I'd hit up Typophile for help. Here are some URL's.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

Seen a nice looking font on the web, wanted to know what it is

its the RW in that site, it's also used for a few White Owl drop that cd's

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