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Getting zoomed previw of glyphs with ascenders cut off



I'm having an issue with ExtraBold weight, which is the last one in row I kerned for an font family.
Beside it, there is Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold and ExtraBold.
All weights have same UPM, same values for ascender, descender, Caps height, x-height... everything is same in all weights from field Font Info > Metrics and Dimensions!

For some reason unknown to me (this happens the first time), ExtraBold is displayed like it's done in ~1500 UPM, bigger, with top part of glyphs cut off. While other weights look normally, as it should!

When I install ExtraBold and try it in Illustrator, Photoshop, Word... it matches with the rest of weights, so no any visual difference (in height, position or anything like that).

Does anyone know what might be the reason for this?

Good News! The Dacia Sandero is in this book!

Hello, I'm trying to make a poster for a friend who's a fan of Top Gear.

This picture is located in the middle of the The Big Book of Top Gear 2009.

You can see there is no serif, the 'G' does not have a tail, and the font is relatively condensed.

Does anyone know what font is being used? Much appreciated!

Top 10 serif typefaces


I'm writing a short little "book" called "Essential Typefaces", where I state typefaces I either consider essential or downright beautiful. I have 4 categories: Sans-Serif, Serif, Script and Blackletter. I have 6 typefaces per page, and so right now I'm at the point where I need 2 more serif typefaces to fill the last page.

I have pretty much every typeface in there that I want to have in there. So my question is, could you tell me your personal top 10 (or whatever number) serif typefaces? If I see enough typefaces I didn't put in there yet I will even consider adding another page.