Type Design and Typography courses in NY

Im a NY illustrator/graphic designer who is becoming more and more interested and obsessed with type design, typography, and logo design. My illustration skills certainly help propel me forward into territories of originality and detail but I am lacking some basic and more fine tuned type skills. I have been working in NY as a graphic designer for several years so I have lots of basic knowledge but I am considering diving into this new passion and going back to school for my masters in type design/typography/branding- identity design (if that is a real major). Does anyone have any suggestions for great programs in NY; both for continuing ed and also for a full masters program?

Best font for a printed formal letter in Word 2013 (or LaTeX)

Hello! I am looking for the best font to write a printed formal letter to a respectable doctor (a professor) I have never ever written to. It must leave a good impression since he is very bussy and would surely dismiss a poorly written letter. I have the letter written in Word 2013 (Calibri). I can rewrite it in LaTeX (probably using LyX) if necessary. I prefer free fonts but I am willing to pay for a good font if necessary. Thanks for help.

What are the best free fonts to write a book?

Hello everybody,

which free fonts do you consider the best to publish books? I will self publish books under CC, that's why they must be free. There are some amazing ones that are non-free, especially from Adobe, but I couldn't fine anyone that was clean, light and elegant enough to provide a pleasant reading. So maybe you know some. ;)

By the way this website contains a description of "Stone Type Foundry", the same font in the attached image. I was astonished how beautiful and elegant it is, and I think it must be perfect to publish a book. Unfortunately it's paid. But what do you think of it? Just curious.


Top 10 serif typefaces


I'm writing a short little "book" called "Essential Typefaces", where I state typefaces I either consider essential or downright beautiful. I have 4 categories: Sans-Serif, Serif, Script and Blackletter. I have 6 typefaces per page, and so right now I'm at the point where I need 2 more serif typefaces to fill the last page.

I have pretty much every typeface in there that I want to have in there. So my question is, could you tell me your personal top 10 (or whatever number) serif typefaces? If I see enough typefaces I didn't put in there yet I will even consider adding another page.