We found an rip-off of our "Oblik" in Bold weight.

At first it was disturbing to find out something like this, but then I'm now feeling a little empathy for this guy, for the reason he is young (judging by his photo and by his profile description). But this is not the way to build your design career or to go in public without having any responsibility for your acts.

To not duplicate what we wrote, feel free to check it directly on our website:

Let this be an lesson, in educational purpose, to all designers who might have doubts to do such things to any existing, available, on the market or off the market, with ownership design of any kind!


This font has just been offered on MyFonts. Now I like their Veneer typeface, but you can't tell me, this is not a plain rip-off of Wisdom Script...

I don't think this is OK, what do you think? And what should I, or MyFonts, do about it?

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