Help with Swashes, please!


Please help! Are there any rules or formatting structures for using swashes to fill in negative space for a scrip or brush layout? Like are there any tips or do-and-don'ts of creation? I want to use some to add to my layout but i don't know where to begin or which ones to use if the font does not contain alternates or glyphs included in the original. Thanks in advance!

Thoughts on Modern Glyph


Hello! My name is Emy Dalsted and I am a senior at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I am pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I have recently just completed the design of my second typeface. And would like to know what you think abut it, What I can improve on and what you like about it.

Modern Glyph
Designed By: Emy Dalsted

The classification of this font is a modern san serif that is based on a modular square grid with circular rules. There is nothing complicated to this font it is created to be simple and legible at any size.

Individual glyph contours hierarchy in Fontlab


Hello everyone,

I'm working on rather experimental font - each glyph consists of many horizontal stripes (individual paths/contours)

Is there any way to re-arrange thier hierarchy/order?

For exmple the top contour would be #1 and the last one #23 ? (or otherwise)

I've figured out how to display their numbers (ctrl + F7) but how to change their order?

Thumby and time consuming solution would be probably "cut and paste" in the right order but I'm looking for something more effective.

Any help appreciated,

FONTFORGE : Transform Glyph without changing its weight? Possible?


Hi everyone,

Well everything is in the title...
I am not an expert yet on Fontforge and I am struggling to find a way to scale down my caps without changing their weights. It would avoid me to scale down then manually increase weight for each letter, which would make me go crazy for sure haha.

Thanks for any help, I would appreciate!

Complex illustrator shapes to font software


i'm a bit new in font building (second one) and i have a problem. The first one was really simple, one stroke, one fill.
I would like to make a 3D font, so i have started with my old one (black stroke, white fill) added the same (stroke/fill black) in background but slighlty shifted down-left and hold filled with triangle. That doesn't work when i copy/paste in fontlab or glyph.



glyph paste:

glyph results:

Create Unicode for new glyphs


Hi! I'm designing a layered typeface with three weights and some extra glyphs (ligatures, swashes and some weird alternates). I made open type feature for ligatures and kerns but I let some extra glyphs without feature. When I use those glyphs and I change the weight, the glyph doesn't change. For example, if I write "BARCELONA" with one of my extra B's, and I change the weight, it change all the word except the B.
I've been looking the generated file and it seems that those extra glyphs without feature doesn't have UICODE names, so when we change the weight, they doesn't change. I've tryied to use the option GLYPHS>GLYPHS NAME>GENERATE UNICODE but it doesn't work.
Anyone knows what can I do to generate the same UNICODE names on the three weights.

Different languages/glyphs text strings?


Hello there,

Is there any resource out there for getting text strings for different languages, characters for testing purposes? I'd like to copy/paste those strings in the preview panel of FL to test characters with diacritics, special characters, numerals, punctuation marks, and so on, but I can't seem to find all the needed characters for the languages I need.


single glyph positioning help

im a newbie . i hv created a font n working on its opentype features .
things is i want to add kerning feature for a single glyph with certain glyphs so it wont affect any next glyph.
so in fontlab it is not possible so i was trying this in VOLT . in volt it works fine after compiling. but when i tried to use in real world ( in IL, PS) nothing has happened. if missing something? i tried to export feature so i can edit them in FL but fontlab cnt read that lookups.
or volt do positioning for Unicodes only?
i dont kno really

any comments?
i hv attached an image as well wut i want.

FontLab Studio: How to duplicate a glyph with all its information


I have taken a TrueType font with a free license, DejaVu Sans. Then created a new empty glyph, and copy-paste one of its glyphs to the empty one.

However, I saw that the hinting for the two is not exactly the same. When viewing the two glyphs in a word processor, I saw a difference between the two. So how can I make an exact copy of a glyph? Should I also duplicate some information inside the font’s table? Any simpler solution?

Rearranging the default character set of a typeface

I have been corresponding with Hoefler Frere about customizing the standard character set for Whitney. Whitney has a default character set and an alternate set. We want to have some of the alternate characters to replace their default characters in the main set, and are told that choosing an alternate character can only be done manually, one at a time, through the glyphs palatte in InDesign/Illustrator.

Help! OpenType & Small Caps Glyphs Vs. using Opentype with other formats interchangably


* Has anyone had any problems using the Small Caps feature in an Open Type font purchase?

* Has anyone had problems using Open Type in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel?

I'm working on a project for a client in which I'm rebranding their marketing materials. I'm using Gill Sans Small Caps for headings and Gill Sans Roman, italic bold etc. I use both a Mac and PC. The client uses a PC.

FontLab Font window


Hi, i'm brand new here on typophile and also brand new to making fonts and fontlab and before anything let me apologize for my bad english, i'm art director and illustrator from Brazil. My question is simple: how can i add more characters on the FontLab window so i can see other characters for other languages? Right now i have the A-Z, a-z and 0-9 and a few others, but i want to make the font available for more languages. I see in fontforge a lot of characters that doesnt show on the fontlab window. Sorry if my question is silly. Anyway thanks in advance.

Easy way to generate a Glyph/Character Map of fonts?


Does any one know how to create a Glyph/Character map, say like how uses?

I am trying to create some previews of my font designs, but cannot find a way to do something like this, and in a batch process. Any ideas?

I Need a SUPER Character Map

I run on Windows XP Pro. Over the last few years I've been "collecting" some good quality OpenType fonts, many from P22 Type Foundry in their "PRO" format. The "PRO" .otf files include a lot of the special characters: ligatures, glyphs, swash caps. small caps, etc., etc.

Problem: The Windows Character Map accessory program will only show me the standard 256 characters usually included in .ttf fonts.

I use a page layout program (Serif PagePlus X3) that is able to display and implement a font's special characters. But, having to open large, fullblown software just to view a character's map is ponderous.

Mysterious Lines over Glyphs


I'm currently working on a font and I've found an issue which baffles me, shown here: As you can see there are these out of place lines over the "u" and "y" glyphs, and they're not the only affected glyphs. The issue crops up in Photoshop when the font is displayed at small sizes or has anti-aliasing off. What's weird is that the lines don't actually exist on the vectors, FontLab renders them appropriately and there's nothing suspect on the offending glyphs which sets them appart from the others that render properly.

Help would be much appreciated.