Iota accent

Greek glyph question


I am adding polytonic Greek to a font family and have a question concerning alternate glyphs. After looking at numerous examples there doesn't appear to be a standard for the iota diacritic glyphs especially for small caps versions. Here is what I have designed so far — please ignore spacing, etc. as this is still a work in progress. The base glyph is uni1F8A with/without hanging diacritics, then an alternate with a regular iota instead of the iota diacritic, then a small cap uni1F8A, then a cap/small cap of it, last a small cap with a reduced iota diacritic. My question is do I need all these and have I forgotten any variations such as cap/small cap hanging diacritic? I don't want to go overboard, but as long as I am doing it I feel everything necessary should be included.