How do I make a hard return in the Metrics or Preview window in FontLab Studio? I saw it on a thread somewhere recently and lost track of where.

I've made multiple pdfs from my indesign files and combined them in preview to make one big pdf. I have no problems viewing it in preview but when I or my client try to open it in Acrobat it crashes or gives this error message: Cannot extract the embedded font xxxxx. Some charcters may not display or print correctly.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?

Does any one know how to create a Glyph/Character map, say like how uses?

I am trying to create some previews of my font designs, but cannot find a way to do something like this, and in a batch process. Any ideas?

Mostly designers deliver a PDF preview of their font(s) when one in made. About how it's made, how it looks, blabla. What is your opinion about what should be in it? And which already excisting promotions do you think are good?

I'm trying to make one for myself (more like a catalog but well designed), containing my font collection.

Greater Albion has just released its two latest families, Granville and Federal Streamliner on Both families are being offered there at an introductory 25% discount.

YOu can see examples of them in action on our blog. You can also see a preview of a forthcoming release - Howlett - there.

Is it possible to change the way the preview window in FontLab renders the font I'm working on?

I'm working on a screen font, and when I test it within the application I'm making it for it renders really sharp, stems are sharp 1 px lines. In the FontLab preview the render is much smoother, pretty much every line is very fuzzy.

So I'm thinking, maybe I can change how fontlab renders the font, to more accurately emulate how it's displayed in different rendering engines?


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Greater Albion's next two releases are imminent-Granville inspired by Victorian era shop signage, and Federal Streamliner, based on lettering seen shooting past on the side of an old railway carriage!

These should appear in the next day or so on Myfonts. In the meantime there are previews on our blog.

Greater Albion's two latest projects, Adantine and Corvone are at the point of being released on In the meantime, here are some samples of the two families in action on our blog.

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