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fontlab studio

Font with Kerning only works in TextEdit



I am trying to generate my new font I have created, but am having serious trouble with the kerning. I have tried a plethora of different options, but nothing seems to be working. Basically, I export my font, but the kerning rarely shows up in applications. I know there is a kerning table, though, because the font works correctly in TextEdit (mac).

I am using Fontlab Studio. When I try the font in Photoshop and Microsoft Word, it does not kern. Are there any ideas as to why this would be? Thank you very much in advanced.

Illustrator Glyph Panel


Hello, I am very puzzled. I have created my font, including open type features (contextual and alternative styles). When I view the font in Illustrator Glyph panel (entire font list), I cannot see the very last glyph, which happens to be a contextual style. But everything functions as it should be, and viewing the glyphs with just the styling alternatives I can see the missing glyph. It's just not appearing when viewing the entire glyphs. Is this an Illustrator problem?

I have viewed the font in InDesign, and everything is fine here.

Any advice would be appreciated

Font editor (FontLab?) feature suggestion: floating sidebearings linked to outlines in glyph


I use FontLab Studio, so that's what I have in mind. But other font editors might find some of this useful.

Constant Sidebearings

About 90% of the time, when I am editing a glyph, I wish I could edit the outlines and keep the sidebearings in place... which of course means the sidebearing line needs to "float" with and glyph changes I make that affect the advance width. Of course, occasionally one does not want this, so it would be ideal to have some sort of "force linked sidebearings" toggle button when in the glyph window. Maybe the button would be part of the FLS glyph properties floating palette?

Even when the sidebearings are linked to the outlines, you would still be able to click and drag on the sidebearings as you can today, to adjust them.

Problem with Appearance of Slight Diagonals in Contours


I am in the early stages of developing a chromatic face that, by design, employs a lot of slight diagonals (1 to 5 degrees off the horizontal or vertical). The glyphs are made to look as if they were formed by folding strips of paper (I know, I know it's been done before). In addition to the pair of companion chromatic fonts within the family (each representing a different side of the strip of paper), I want to make a monotone version that somehow achieves the 2-sided effect without the use of multiple colors.

The solution I've arrived at to simulate that 2-sided effect is to, in the areas representing the back of the strip of paper, block or mask out strokes that run parallel with the strip. The problem I've encountered in testing the viability of this solution is that the edges of the strokes (set at the aforementioned slight diagonal angles), as well as the edges of some of the solid sections, appear quite "jaggy" when I test the PS OpenType font in Illustrator or InDesign.

Fontographer or FontLab Studio


I'm looking to get back into type design after being away from it for quite a while.

I'm a bit long in the tooth, (I'm one of the people who can actually remember the last glorious days of hot metal) and when I last had anything to do with font creation on a Macintosh, Fontographer was the industry standard program.

I've just checked the comparison charts between this and FontLab Studio on their website, (which didn't really give me the information that I wanted) and I'm now not sure whether I need to spend the extra money.

Font version and revision information


I'm in the process of updating some past typefaces with expanded character sets for more supported languages. In some cases I'm subtly revising a handful of characters and doing a general overview and update through this process, but nothing drastic.

How does one discern between 'Version' updates and 'Revision' updates.

It would seem what I'm doing would fall under a 'Revision', so I was wondering what the general consensus is that constitutes a 'Version' update?

Thanks for your feedback.

Fontlab - Multiple Master Kerning Crash


I'm a little bit confused and really don't know what happened the last two weeks.
I didn't open Fontlab since december 16th and yesterday i wanted to work again on a multiple master font which i created 2 months ago. Everything is working fine until the point where i want to adjust the kerning. When i change a figure in the kerning table, fontlag suddenly crashes.
This is just happening with MM-files, when i want to open a normal .vfb FontLab still works fine.

Does anyone know this Problem.

On my system there was just one change. The Installer wanted to update Java for Mac OsX.
I'm working with MaxOS 10.5.8.

I really don't know what happened the last two weeks.