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Thoughts on design trends? Follow or avoid?

In the past few years (especially 2014) of looking at design blogs on Tumblr or browsing Behance, I've come across a lot of similarities between designs, aka "trends". And I think trends are driving a lot of the most celebrated design work of today.

You can look at http://trendlist.org/ for a good example of what I'm talking about.

Just a few of the most popular design trends:

- Letterspace: spacing out or throwing around the letters of a word within a design
- Hyphens: adding hyphens somewhat randomly to words
- Left, Right, Up, Down: placing words on the sides of the design, forcing people to read sideways
- IK (International Klein) Blue: the use of a bold saturated shade of blue
- Squiggles: using squiggly lines across the design -- this one seems like one of the oddest

2014 Trends in Design

With the fairly notable shift towards a more organic/handwritten style in typography of late, I was wondering what the general opinions on the style was. Specifically, what do you think of the success of fonts in the vein of Thirsty Rough or Voyage?

As a purely digital designer, I'm glad to have elements like these to design with; but as fellow typophiles/designers, do you think these trends have a decent shelf life for branding, or do you feel like it's a more fleeting trend?

Filosofia - fashion?


Hello! It's been quite awhile since I posted anything on this lovely site. I need some research help.

I started a new job a few weeks ago, an in-house job with an online glasses retailer. They're in the middle of re-branding, and they say they hired me to push it to a more fashion-forward, couture look. Well, they're far enough into the redesign that they're already set on a logo, typefaces and colors. I think I can live with all the choices they've made so far except the typefaces.