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Multiweight script families - Help with PhD

Hello everyone,
I am currently writing a dissertation on type technology, focused on developing a workflow for creating multiweight script/cursive families utilizing Multiple Master technology and some Metafont/Metapost techniques. To be more precise my objective is help the designer in creating calligraphy and brush scripts – of the kind which weight cannot be just changed without complete redrawing (you can’t just move stems around).

Fontlab: Tri Master Interpolation - HOW ?


Hi everybody,
I'm currently struggling with the following problem - I have ultra light, regular and ultra bold and want to interpolate them in Fontlab MM space, so I could create an extensive family. As it seems, Fontlab MM space does not allow for the use of intermediate design (Normal) to be place between the two masters - ultra light + ultra black. (or am I mistaken?)

So that leaves me with two choices:
1) to keep two MM files with light - normal and normal - black interpolations and constantly troubling about consistency
or 2) use two weight axis in same MM font and do mind-bending slider-switching so I could achieve tri-master interpolation in four-master space ?!?

Extremium point issue with Font-Audit in combination with Multiple Master


I work with FontLab and use multiple master technology for developing font families with a large amount of weights.
Unfortunately I am experiencing an issue in combination with font-audit.
The option "extremium point" does not work well with multiple masters.
It adds an extremium point to the current master, but this extremium point is not placed correctly on the other masters.

Does anyone experience the same issue?
Anyone has a solution?

Multiple Masters problem in Fontforge


I have been attempting to test out Fontforge's MM feature. I have tried various things.

Here I have created a 3-axis Adobe-style MM font, with 8 masters, using only an uppercase E. I can't get Fontforge to make an interpolation (instance) with these no matter how hard I try.
This is the font file:

I have Googled various things relating to this, and looked through all the documentation, and still got nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Help with Multiple Master Fonts


I'm having trouble figuring out if it’s possible to create a multiple master font from two separate weights of one font. I have designed a bold and a light version both in their own separate files. Is it possible to create a multiple master file from the two individual files?

This is my first attempt at multiple master, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Fontlab - Multiple Master Kerning Crash


I'm a little bit confused and really don't know what happened the last two weeks.
I didn't open Fontlab since december 16th and yesterday i wanted to work again on a multiple master font which i created 2 months ago. Everything is working fine until the point where i want to adjust the kerning. When i change a figure in the kerning table, fontlag suddenly crashes.
This is just happening with MM-files, when i want to open a normal .vfb FontLab still works fine.

Does anyone know this Problem.

On my system there was just one change. The Installer wanted to update Java for Mac OsX.
I'm working with MaxOS 10.5.8.

I really don't know what happened the last two weeks.