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Theory Serif

I’d like to introduce you to my new typeface, Theory Serif. If all goes as planned, this will be the foundation to a Serif, a Sans and a Monospace family.

I found this specimen on an old Vogue magazine cover from 1936.
I'm mostly interested in the humanist antiqua at the bottom (please scroll to the right), but if any of you guys would identify the ones above I would de more than happy.

Keep up the good work!

Hello there

a friend of mine send me this scan from a book, to find out which font this is. But unfortunately I couldn't figure it out. Can anyone here give a hint?

Thank you Joachim

if you like modern and geometric fonts and blackletter as well, have a look at the typophile post »Fracmetrica Black .otf«

the free-font »Fracmetrica Black« is a modern and geometric blackletter with several opentype-features like ligatures, case-sensitives, text figures.
It's kind of condensed and has a high contrast. The typeface's construction is based on an isometric 60°-grid.

I need to identify fonts used in small publication by Pandora Insel VErlag, Leipzig in 1920.
E.A.Poe - The Raven and the other Poems + Philosophy of composition.

Mind the "R" , "P", "C" , italics

Probably more than one font family used.


Indices : Typefaces : Thesis

From LucasFonts

Thesis is a large font superfamily, deisgned in the late 90s by Luc(as) de Groot of LucasFonts. Thesis fonts have become popular and can be seen in various publications or logotypes. The range of weights are designed using de Groot's "interpolation theory".

The fonts include TheSans, a humanist sans-serif similar to Frutiger and Segoe; TheSerif, a slab-serif; TheMix, a slab-serif font lacking some serifs; and just recently, TheAntiqua, a serif font.

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