So I'm sure everyone's heard of Olive Garden's rebranding. So far most of the feedback I've seen online seems to be negative.

I'm still pretty wet behind the ears as a designer, and I'm afraid that whatever atrocious errors those with more experience see in this logo are completely flying over my head with a great billowy swoosh.

Could I trouble anyone for a constructive crit about what works and doesn't work with the logo? I feel like if I could put myself behind your typographically-attuned eyes, I could hopefully learn something.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

Long time no post! Sorry about that. I got married, bought a house, had a kid-- forums were the first thing to get cut. I guess I was never super active here, but nevertheless I'm glad my account is still around. I still think of this as the premiere place to talk about type.

I work at the Chicago Humanities Festival, and we just posted a video of a presentation by Chicago designer Jason Pickleman. He's created identities and branding for some great restaurants and cultural organizations here in Chicago.

His talk covers three areas:

  • A philosophical look at the role of text and type in our lives
  • A look inside his own creative process
  • (My personal favorite) A biting critique of trends in Chicago signage

Anyone know what the "PRIMOS" typeface is?

The person who originally made this logo file did not create a vector version. That, or they won't give it to us.

Need the tagline font only — "& bake shop." Please let me know if you have any ideas or know of anything similar. Thank you!!!!

Please, can you help? I need to know which font is used here. Thanks anyway

This example is from Ms. Jessica Hische, but this seems to be a fairly common subheading used for restaurants.

First, I am new here. Hello.

A client of mine has given me a t-shirt to be recreated and contains four fonts that I cannot identify for the life of me.

I have scanned then traced the image in illustrator, then thew em' in photoshop and converted it into a jpeg as i see thats the preferred format here.

I greatly appreciate any help I receive on this.

hello, i need some font advice to design the logo for a restaurant, a warm, friendly, old style and down-to-earth place... any suggestion? thank you very much, luca


Looking to get some feedback on a logo I've been working on. The company is called Edible Adventures - Mobile cooking classes for kids. It's pretty self explanatory. Client is looking for a simple execution of her logo. It has to communicate food in a fun way and easy to read. Could be used as signage on vans/store front/stationary/marketing materials.

Please take a few minutes to look it over. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Trying to identify the font of Bistro.

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