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Thoughts on the Olive Garden logo

So I'm sure everyone's heard of Olive Garden's rebranding. So far most of the feedback I've seen online seems to be negative.

I'm still pretty wet behind the ears as a designer, and I'm afraid that whatever atrocious errors those with more experience see in this logo are completely flying over my head with a great billowy swoosh.

Could I trouble anyone for a constructive crit about what works and doesn't work with the logo? I feel like if I could put myself behind your typographically-attuned eyes, I could hopefully learn something.

Thanks in advance!

Typography Presentation from Chicago Humanities Festival


Hi all,

Long time no post! Sorry about that. I got married, bought a house, had a kid-- forums were the first thing to get cut. I guess I was never super active here, but nevertheless I'm glad my account is still around. I still think of this as the premiere place to talk about type.

I work at the Chicago Humanities Festival, and we just posted a video of a presentation by Chicago designer Jason Pickleman. He's created identities and branding for some great restaurants and cultural organizations here in Chicago.

His talk covers three areas:

  • A philosophical look at the role of text and type in our lives
  • A look inside his own creative process
  • (My personal favorite) A biting critique of trends in Chicago signage

4 Italian Restaurant Fonts ...Please ID

First, I am new here. Hello.

A client of mine has given me a t-shirt to be recreated and contains four fonts that I cannot identify for the life of me.

I have scanned then traced the image in illustrator, then thew em' in photoshop and converted it into a jpeg as i see thats the preferred format here.

I greatly appreciate any help I receive on this.

Edible Adventures


Looking to get some feedback on a logo I've been working on. The company is called Edible Adventures - Mobile cooking classes for kids. It's pretty self explanatory. Client is looking for a simple execution of her logo. It has to communicate food in a fun way and easy to read. Could be used as signage on vans/store front/stationary/marketing materials.

Please take a few minutes to look it over. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.