Earthquake Sans - WIP - Critique


I've been working on my first font; it tries to channel early woodblock display fonts, with a very low-fidelity, imprecise and analogue quality. There are no straight lines, and a plenty of intentional 'defects'.

There's a couple of sharp corners that I still need to go over, but I'm wondering a lot about the broader direction that I want to move in.

A short sample: http://cl.ly/I5W0

Full PDF sample: http://cl.ly/I5D3

It's really designed for low quality newsprint (I made the first few letters for my school's newspaper) so I encourage you to print it out and look at it on the page if you have the time and patience.

I haven't done anything more than side bearing-based spacing yet (the & entering the P is a mistake, not a ligature.)

Outter Space Slab Serif


Need your advice/criticism
This is a school project and the concept of the project is a boutique hotel with a space-cowboy theme.
Wild West meets intergalactic. I want to come up with a typeface for the logo.
The thing that seemed logical for me to do is design a futuristic looking slab serif. The slab serifs that are usually
associated with wood-type letter-pressing.
So let me show you what I've got so far and let me know what you think or any suggestions. Thank you very much once
again typophiles.
Oh yeah, the name of the hotel is 'Galileo'.

New font: Candelivers


I'd like to introduce a new font. It's Candelivers.

Click here!

Candelivers is a fun and display typeface, for better use in short sentences, or letterings and logo designs. It comes with a several features, like swashes, alternates and ligatures. It has a little not simmetry between the characters that gives a personality and handmade touch.
Also it comes with a Glow version, to give more soft and fun personality. I hope you enjoy it!

EUnity typeface


Europe is in a crisis! Countries are in doubt. How much power do we lend to the European Union? What is the value of the Euro? Do we have to suffer for other countries problems? What if we step out of the EU, and just fend for ourselfs?!

It's a crisis indeed, in which there are alot of short term visions and 'solutions'. Surely you can just drop out, but what about the future? Europe must remember that we are not the only economy around. You can fend for yourself for a while but in the end you must compete with future big economic powers like China, India and South America.

What Europe needs to survive on a long term is a solid platform. A strong network with clear guidelines that stimulates trading, but with the countries remaining their own seperate identity.

Help with critique for my first font, a Modular Fraktur


Hello typophiles,

After having sat lazily on an interest in Type Design for far too long, I've finally found the courage (through the help of a course at University) to delve into the wonderful world of fontlab.

I was hoping for some critique of what I've got so far, I have been working with a strict grid system which has worked well most of the time although I'm still having a lot of trouble with the s, z, x and c. Getting the spacing right has also been quite hard, (especially with the extremities on the r and e) and has led me to create a series of Ligatures which I believe solves the problem and adds more visual interest. I set these up as dlig in fontlab because I read somewhere that it was appropriate however, I'm tempted to just put them through as liga. Advisable?



Hi all!

I'm a new member to this forum, but often come here to look at things/derive inspiration.

I am a GD student at Anderson University in Anderson, SC. Our school is very small in terms of students, but the GD program is strong and almost always has award winning designers graduating. I am currently a sophomore in the program and am absolutely loving it so far!

That being said, during the past month to a month and a half, we have been given the opportunity to design a typeface from scratch - from sketching, to hand rendering, to scanning and pathing in Illustrator, to creating an opentype version of the typeface. I've put a lot of work into this project, so I guess I just wanted some feedback on it!

IONY for review and calt coding help


Kind greetings to all,

My name is Hai Anh Le and I'm a young designer from Hungary, trying to complete my first font release named IONY:

I didn't have any education in type design, but my love for letters came early on when I was a teenager fascinated by the local graffiti culture. I think this fact gave me more free vision about type design, but my technical skills are still very poor. I know how to draw the vectors and I managed to get the FL file with the kerning nicely but as you can see this particular font needs heavy OpenType coding (i think contextual alternates would be the weapon of choice) which skill I still lack.

FL glyphs:

How to hand print display lead type

I have a case of 72 pt lead display gothic type and a blank wall in my house, so I tought of printing the beginning of El Quijote in Spanglish over a big sheet of paper. I think it will be somehow humorous and appropriate to print this text in a gothic face.

Here´s the text: "In un placete de La Mancha of which nombre no quiero remembrearme, vivía, not so long ago, uno de esos gentlemen who always tienen una lanza in the rack, una buckler antigua, a skinny caballo y un grayhound para el chase."

Has anyone done something similar before? How? Which ink? Which paper? What about Fabriano?

Thanks in advance.

Kelly Slab Review


Kelly Slab- one of my first fonts, I never thought he satisfy me.

After review by Angélica Díaz on Typereview
I (with consultation with Angelica) did update - version 2
also adding it a heavy face.

I would like to show them before release
collect opinions and comments.

Catharsis Glamour & Glory


Having become somewhat disillusioned with my book font project, I dug up an old attempt at fontmaking, "Catharsis Requiem", and started remaking it with the new knowledge on typography I had gathered in the meantime. While the original was supposed to look serious and ceremonial, I moved from a humanist to a modern stroke to make a flashier and more glamourous font... Catharsis Glamour.

Deco Face (Redux)


My original post is here:

I'm starting a new post here only because the previous one might be a bit confusing as I included my inspiration as well as a similar typeface along with my design.

I still have a lot to work out but could really use some Typophile-eyes to help me on the finer points. I'm sure there's a lot I am completely missing!

At the moment, aside from some very obvious bad widths and inconsistent heights here and there I'm not really liking the dollar glyph. It seems too organic somehow. I do like my take on the ampersand but maybe it could use a tweak or two?

League Gothic Cyrillic


Back in September I thought about learning Cyrillic and I needed a typeface to dig into. League Gothic seemed a rather straightforward to draw, so I’ve made this Cyrillic cut and left it forgotten. Now I've dusted off the work and here it is, the League Gothic Cyrillic.

I’m not a native Cyrillic reader. I’ve looked into basic calligraphy and analyzed a bunch of different typefaces, but of course that’s still just ‟a clueless tourist attempt”. If this indeed were to be merged into the project, it would really need to be decent. Make it a tough critique. Thanks a lot.