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Logo Crush - Logo Design Inspiration Gallery

Hello everyone! I recently started this new design blog (3 months ago) and I'm glad to share it with you guys :) The blog is about logo designs, both creative and design-rich logotypes. All of the designs is featured from dribbble. I mainly started it because of my love to logo designs, that's actually also how I came up with the name "Logo Crush". It now has a capacity of over 250+ design-rich logotypes (and counting), to inspire, learn from or simply to enjoy!

Multiple color fonts via overlay


Hey everybody,

Fonts are single-color. Differently colored outlines or filled-in sections (the hole in the capitol 'P', for example) could be created via the use of two fonts, one or both being useless without the other.

Are there any common such font pairs out there that I should know about, or is this something that I would have to request from someone/build myself?