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Andrew Keith Strauss lecture; Type Matters: The Artistry of Bookbinding and Letterforms

Thursday, December 6, 2012, 7:30 PM
Free to the public

Andrew Keith Strauss will present a free lecture about the history of typography from the calligraphic era to the present digital age. Andrew Keith Strauss is an Adobe Certified Training Provider. He offers consulting, support and training in print, digital, video and online publishing technologies. His specialties include cross-media publishing, structured documentation, typography and colour theory. He provides customized service to clients across many different industries.

Strauss will cover a range of topics including:
[1] The invention of the alphabet
[2] Stone carving and inscriptions
[3] Handwriting with ink and paper
[4] Three-dimensional letterpress printing

HSDA: Annual Design Symposium

HSDA is the first Hekma School of Design and Architecture in the Kingdom, which is under Dar Al-Hekma College. Our programs span a range of disciplines including; Foundation Year, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, with more to come.

The HSDA: Annual Design Symposium’s aims are:
1. raising the awareness of the local design communication to the development in the design world
2. creating a platform for communication between the new local design generation and well known designers from different parts of the globe. This platform is also an opportunity for local designers to network with other local designers.
3. developing visual communication standards for the local market

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NYC Vintage Typography lecture at TDC

I am finally giving a lecture on my vast collection of handmade typography used by merchants to mark pieces of cloth that were sent around the world from manchester, England in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The type was handmade, by hammering copper strips into fruit wood blocks, and many fonts are unique to the textile trade. I have never shown these items before and am hoping that someone will be able to make use or at least be inspired by this unseen part of typographic history.
The Type Directors Club, based in the Garment District of NYC, seems a perfect location for this lecture. I will be showing original sample books, blocks, lettering and describing the history of this long gone typography.