Looking for this ID or something similar. Thanks.

Does anyone know which font this is? I've seen it many times before. The image is from the mid 70s.

Does a digital version exist? and does anyone have the original sheet?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Hello everyone. First time posting on this forum and was wondering if i could get some help. I tried doing a search but have had no luck in finding these fonts.

I was wondering if anyone knows of what both of these fonts are? Both the cursive and typeface. Or anything similar.

Sorry for the terrible pictures. It looks better zoomed out lol.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)


Brand NEW!

New typeface released, it was inspired by movie tittles from old B&W Hollywood movies. The typeface was custom designed in vector format using a high number of colors to produce a realistic 3D effect.

It is perfect for display use, large format graphics, magazines, posters and 3D design.

It was showcased at Typography Served:
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New typeface released, it was inspired by movie tittles from old B&W Hollywood movies. The typeface was hand drawn using a high number of colors to produce a realistic 3D effect.Perfect for display use, large format graphics, magazines, posters and 3D design.

Limited license for personal and commercial works. View / Purchase it here:

hello everyone !! i'm new here. here's my first font basingstoke
Basingstoke is old fashioned typeface. inspired by old letterheads from the 19th century.
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some preview:

thanks !!

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Retro 3D font?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know which font this is? Maybe you know any fonts that look smilar?



I created an account just so I could ask this question:

What is the font used in this Media Kit? Specifically, what is the font used for the fancy "Ands" and "Thes" with the flourishes above/below. Is this even a font?

Your help is appreciated!

Any help identifying this font (or a similar font!!!) would be much appreciated. I'm about to pull my hair out.

Hi! Would like to seek help in identifying the font in the attached image. The numbers are really cut in half as a design treatment, so that's all I can provide.

Appreciate your help! :) Thanks!

Having trouble identifying the typeface used on these old signs, and the dates that they were in use. I could dig up a few conflicting dates, between early 1900's and into the 40's, but haven't found anything definite. Also, they were apparently printed white on Navy, and used in several neighborhoods in New York. I checked a couple type specimen books from the 1905-1915 era and got nothing. Any help identifying this typeface would be greatly appreciated!

Any ideas what either of these could be, please? Especially the top one.

Hi all!

LOVE this poster, and have been wanting to ID the "yes" in old Open signs for awhile so I thought I'd throw this up and see if anyone can ID it. Thanks so much Typophilers!

Looking for some feedback on this logo I designed for a photo restoration business I am starting. I wanted something with a retro/vintage feel, without being too kitschy. I think I have succeeded at that here, but I am looking for some outside opinion. Thanks.

anyone know a typeface that would look like a paragraph blown up from a dictionary!?
want a letterpress/antique feel font with an italic and bold

the best i have found is Roman Antique but it doesnt have a Bold

thanks guys!

Please help me find out what both of these fonts are! I've searched thousands of fonts and cannot find them. Thank you!

I have a small graphic with an assortment of vintage typefaces right here:

Since they are so old I don't know if they are still in commercial print, but if anyone can tell me what they are (or were?) AND if there are any modern counterparts or look-alikes, that would be very helpful to me!


Does anybody know the name of the Serif font used for the company name and "Universal Embrocation"?

Also, if anybody can comfirm the sans serifs used too I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

This is an example of a movie-poster typeface drawn by German poster designer Hans Otto Wendt. I am looking for a font with a similar feel. What I particularly love is the brushstroke-look this has goin' on.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Is somebody can tell me what is the name of the font used for the text "Frosties" in this box?


Wood Bonnet Antique No.7
Made from real vintage wood type.
PDF Specimen | MyFonts

Vtg Stencil US No.4
Made from original revolving stencil plate.
PDF Specimen | MyFonts

Anyone know what the "PRIMOS" typeface is?

Dynatype, just released on MyFonts is on sale for a limited time at a 20% discount. Concurrent with this Introductory Sale, Alphabet Soup is also pleased to offer Dynatype's first 75 purchasers a special limited edition print:

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