Need help identifying Dance Pollution's Logo Font.

Okay I have been searching all over the net now and I just can't find this font... The font is from "Dance Pollution" a record label founded in 1995. I Think they started using this font around 2000-2001.

It looks like the text was stroked in illustrator so I posted the original and a inverted version.

Original Version

Inverted Version

(x) Standard font on 45 RPM record from mid 1960s - Futura (aka Twentieth Century or Spartan) {Viviane, Ray L, Mark S}

This image is of a record that my Dad's band made in the 60s. It's the only image I have -- sorry about the resolution. I'm recreating the album, and would like to know (mainly) what the main body font is for the title of the music. Any other fonts on the record would be helpful as well. The second image is a reference that's clearer, using the same font.