The multi-disciplinary design studio, Kapitza will be joining us at St Bride to talk about their working processes and inspirations. They will discuss their profound fascination with fonts and where ideas for these are found and how they are subsequently pursued, developed and refined. Their extensive Geometric and Organic collections, for example, have been realised as published books that illustrate and explore the diversity of the font collection.

They will also share with us their experiences of the ins and outs of self-publishing, the creation of pattern fonts, how to start a font foundry, designing an app, book design and working with a worldwide audience.

Following the highly successful Critical Tensions conference last November, St Bride Foundation is pleased to welcome Timo Arnall and friends to enlighten us about their work with design studio BERG.

A growing and significant amount of design work takes place in systems, software and electronics. But these technologies are increasingly abstracted and black-boxed, so how can designers engage with these things meaningfully? How might we be involved in developing, critiquing and reflecting upon complex, opaque and invisible technologies?

Over the last four years BERG have produced a series of films exploring and explaining emerging technologies, building models and materials for understanding and invention.

Tension is frequently described as a positive in design, with designers balancing opposing constraints and visual ideas in often ‘perfect tension’. Design work balances a whole series of tensions: analogue–digital; male–female; Twitter–Facebook; art–design; East–West; old–young; interns–employees; global–local; micro–macro; educated–‘feral’; in-house–independent; degree course–short course/apprenticeship; designer–client.

Hallo people, long time no see.

I found here

a photo of this Sign? Logo? of the London mail rail. I wonder if it is completely custom or an existing/tweaked typeface. Thanks!

The relentless surge of digital and the proliferation of media platforms present a considerable new challenge for brand managers, designers and developers. Brands cannot ignore the opportunity offered by digital consumption, yet representing themselves on digital formats, reliably and consistently is a complex technological maze. The result is that, while purely digital players are now flourishing in the mobile app and web space, many organisations are experiencing difficulties in conveying their brand on digital platforms. The Brand Perfect Tour brings together expert developers, digital marketers and brand leaders to share knowledge and experience and help brands look flawless whatever the medium.

Friday 6 May 2011, 9.30am–6.30pm

This one-day conference will investigate the status of graphic design history today, with an emphasis on the making and using of it. It will review the state of affairs, looking at where we are, and questioning where we could go next.

With Christopher Burke, David Crowley, Rick Poynor, Sonia de Puineuf, Alston W. Purvis, David Reinfurt, Catherine de Smet and Teal Triggs

Organised by Sara De Bondt and Catherine de Smet


£75 Standard
£60 Friends of St Bride Library
£30 concessions (full-time students and over-60s)
£25 concessions (Friends of St Bride Library)

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In September, my wife and I will be moving to Oxford, UK as she will be starting a masters program in book publishing at Oxford Brookes University. We currently live near Washington, DC, so right now we are going through all the crap that goes along with moving internationally. I've started to dip my toes into the water and have begun looking around for any leads for job opportunities over there and am realizing that I have no clue where to start looking.

I'm really only looking for internship opportunities to start, so I've started keeping a list of any design firms that look like they might be a good fit for me in the Oxford/London area, and figured I would send out my resumé / portfolio and hope any of them bite.

Now my questions are such:

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Dalton Maag is recruiting::

We are currently advertising for a typedesign position at our London office:

Darjeeling combines British Elegance and Indian Flavor. It is flared like Optima, with a scent of Bodoni. By layering “Regular” and “Ornaments” over each other you will create astounding pieces of colorful typography. Additionally there is “Regnaments” which combines the two other styles.

Darjeeling is great as a display font, but also perfectly legible at text sizes. Use the ornaments only to add spice to Your design.

Make sure to use applications supporting all these lavish OpenType features like small caps, various sets of figures, fractals and the 102 discretionary ligatures.

Darjeeling has been recently released at myfonts:


I am a London MA Graphic Design student looking for some inspiration and wondered whether anybody could recommend any museums, exhibits or libraries that re-invigorate their love of typography?


Designing information before designers
Monday 11 to Friday 29 January 2010
Exhibition of information design from the nineteenth century. Presented by Paul Stiff, Paul Dobraszczyk and Mike Esbester; talk on 14 January

Thursday 21 January 2010
UK movie premiere

Design 4 music/Music + design
Friday 29 January 2010
Conference exploring this complex, passionate, sometimes obsessive relationship. Curated by Catherine Dixon and John L. Walters

Zainer's imperfect impressions
Tuesday 23 February 2010
Fifth annual Justin Howes memorial lecture, given by Claire Bolton

Book design in St. Gallen
Thursday 4 to Friday 19 March 2010

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