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mac os x

AFDKO FontLab macros on Mac OS X


I just successfully installed the AFDKO command-line tools on Mac OS X as I've just tested runnin gthe "autohint -h" line and it gives me plenty of Help information… but I'm having problems when trying to install the FontLab macros.

I've followed the guide step by step here


and I don't actually get any error in the Terminal window it's just nothing actually happens. This is what I get when following the 1-8 steps for installing the FontLab macros:

Last login: Tue Jul 6 14:51:49 on ttys002
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$ cd

Ligatures not working on MAC OS X?

I haven't had the opportunity to utilize ligatures recently, but I noticed that ever since I upgraded to Snow Leopard from Leopard, I have been unable to get certain ligatures to display, such as the 'ct' ligature.

Does anyone know what the problem might be and if there is a workaround solution?


Mac OS X (10.4) Font Book character preview related er... maybe export problems?


Hello Typophiles,

I've got a little problem.

I've submitted a font to a retailer and everything is OK - except the following message that I just received:

"When I install the font in Mac OS X (I used 10.4), the character preview in Font Book is completely blank."

As I work on PC I not really know what would be the problem. Export setting related? Other?

Could someone please help me or suggest something to try?

Maybe it is a simple problem, but I just know what would cause this.

Many thanks in advance.