ttfdiet by Karsten Lücke and Adam Twardoch


Dave Crossland informs about new tool:
"ttfdiet (TTF DIacritics Encoding Tool) applies a “diet” to a .ttf font: it modernizes the way in which glyphs for precomposed Unicode characters are stored in a TrueType-flavored OpenType font, and reduces the font's file size." [from]

I installed Behdad Esfahbod's FontTools and wrote diet.bat file:

python c:\ %1

- be sure Python (2.6 or higher) is installed and added to the PATH
- "c:\" it is where file is stored

mark and mkmk in FontLab


I'm trying to learn about mark and mkmk (and am COMPLETELY clueless) and opened a newer version of Times New Roman from a new Windows 7 machine that seemed to be using it.

The mark feature comes in with code that looks like it could be correct but all the lines within the lookups are commented.

The beginning of the feature looks like this:
feature mark { # Mark Positioning
# Latin
lookup mark5 {
# mark hookabovecomb -280 1410;
# mark tildecomb -455 1440;
# mark gravecomb -280 1460;
# mark acutecomb -280 1460;
# mark uni0302 -15 1010;
# mark uni0304 -15 1180;
# mark uni0305 -15 1430;
# mark uni0306 0 1040;
# mark uni0307 -15 1080;
# mark uni0308 15 1080;
# mark uni030A 15 1040;
# mark uni030B -50 1000;