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Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I'm in an odd situation and would like some advice.

I am about to graduate from Loughborough University with a degree in Graphic Communication. In my final year I developed a love of typography and would like to follow this as a career. I created a font in Fontforge, which you can find on DaFont (search for Tomb if you're interested and it's called Tomb2013). However, I am not actually sure how to pursue a career in this field! It's the creation of working fonts that interests me most, rather than the kind that is typically more decorative that you might find on banners and posters. I'm more into the legible, workable, downloadable and easy to read fonts that use simplicity to portray emotion and a story etc. I hope you understand what I mean.

Job Opportunity at Monotype Imaging: Web Fonts Product Marketing

Product Marketing Manager

About the Job
Monotype Imaging is searching for the right Product Marketing Manager to direct and coordinate cross functional teams and activities for products, product lines, or product areas with the goal on expanding our Web Font Services product line and business. Responsibilities will include:

• Clearly accountable for the role of Web Font Services product owner in our agile product development process which includes being the product expert with the ability to provide technical leadership to the development team. Sets and manages priorities for both internal and external resources.
• Responsible for investigating new product ideas and identifying key product differentiators in terms of market potential and development/production costs.

Oxford / London Jobs?

In September, my wife and I will be moving to Oxford, UK as she will be starting a masters program in book publishing at Oxford Brookes University. We currently live near Washington, DC, so right now we are going through all the crap that goes along with moving internationally. I've started to dip my toes into the water and have begun looking around for any leads for job opportunities over there and am realizing that I have no clue where to start looking.

I'm really only looking for internship opportunities to start, so I've started keeping a list of any design firms that look like they might be a good fit for me in the Oxford/London area, and figured I would send out my resumé / portfolio and hope any of them bite.

Now my questions are such:

Looking for a font designer....


Who can design a TrueType font based upon the original font design sheets for the house number font made by Danish industrial designer Knud V. Engelhardt.

I got some photos of the letters a-j, but would like someone to design the rest of the alphabet.

Interested? Please let me know a est. time and price.

Thanks for your time.

Design Agencies in/around Aachen, Germany?

Hi all,

I'm planning to move to Aachen, Germany this year from the Netherlands. I would like to find a nice agency to work there (as graphic designer). I'm willing to travel a bit as well, but I'm limited to public transport. I'm not very familiar with the design world in Aachen or its surrounding area, but I thought one or two of you might be. I hope you've got some tips for me, or perhaps some places to start looking. Thanks a lot!

Greetings, Jeffrey