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ink bleed

Earthquake Sans - WIP - Critique


I've been working on my first font; it tries to channel early woodblock display fonts, with a very low-fidelity, imprecise and analogue quality. There are no straight lines, and a plenty of intentional 'defects'.

There's a couple of sharp corners that I still need to go over, but I'm wondering a lot about the broader direction that I want to move in.

A short sample: http://cl.ly/I5W0

Full PDF sample: http://cl.ly/I5D3

It's really designed for low quality newsprint (I made the first few letters for my school's newspaper) so I encourage you to print it out and look at it on the page if you have the time and patience.

I haven't done anything more than side bearing-based spacing yet (the & entering the P is a mistake, not a ligature.)