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I am attempting to pair two families of fonts for creating a vintage feeling of typewriter while keeping a smooth and modern composition. I like slab fonts like Rockwell, Archer, Klinic, Rokkitt, and I decided to try with Klinic. Of course I absolutely need a proportional font for the main body of text.

The idea was to try to pair it with some monospace font for the titles in order to increse the vintage feeling. I join a PDF with various combinations. My three favorites are headlines with "Anonymous Pro", "Courier 10 Pitch" and "Free Mono" (see attached PDF).

I would like however to have your own comments; obviously some fonts can't pair with the slab font as well as other ones.

Hello there! This is my font called FUSION SANS. The idea behind it was to pair up with the font called Sharik Sans (which is the font I used to write out Fusion Sans). It's main purpose is to be in body copy on packaging for the Fusion brand. I wanted it to look simple, readable, but still pleasing to the eye.

Do you think it pairs well with Sharik Sans? If not, do you have any suggestions?

What do you think about the spacing on my test words and do my letters work well together?

Thank you all!


I am requesting your advice...

I have been coding our company website and I'm having a hard time choosing fonts. Initially we had Google Fonts but they weren't doing it for me. I have very little experience and don't see typography in the same way you guys do.

I purchased Proxima Nova (Thin, Regular, Bold) and Baskerville (Medium Bold). My intention was to make Baskerville the heading font and Proxima Nova the body but it just doesn't look right to me.

Brief background about company: Established 1987 in New York City. I am a wholesale supplier of Men's designer tailored clothing and Women's contemporary. Our logo which was professionally designed is in Baskerville.

Question: Please help me with making a decision on the following:

Hello Typophiles,

I'm designing a book using Maiola as the main typeface. The book is an essay on the nature & purpose of art and an analysis of a few key pieces from different traditions: a Lohan, an ancient Egyptian sculpture, a Vermeer, a Rembrandt, etc. I feel the Czech references in Maiola suit the author and his conversational style. I also think it's a fine typeface.

I'm using Maiola throughout, but for captions, space is limited. I'd like to use a condensed sans, but I'm struggling to find something that really complements Maiola.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi there,

I've been looking for a nice serif body text that will compliment Geogrotesque. I would like something with a timeless feel, contemporary, solid, but somewhat friendly. I've been messing around with Vendetta. I've also tried Garamond ITC Pro. Since I don't have anyone I trust for their type feedback, I'm posting this here. I would love to locate something with lots of cut options moving forward. Vendetta seems to have a lot of options.

Any recommendations would be awesome - thoughts on Vendetta as a complement to it would also be great. Just wondering if I'm off on that. If you all have better alternatives, I'd be very much open to exploring...

Thanks a lot!

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Goudy Old Style

I am starting a new project and I was thinking of using Goudy Old Style as my main title font. I have a few pairings in mind to go along with it but, I want to see what other people think would be a good look as well. Any feedback would be lovely.

I am working on an exhibition about Samurai for an American art museum and am looking for designers that I might consult in choosing an appropriate Japanese typeface.

Japanese will only be used for select wall graphics and headings, and not for lengths of text. We have a curator on staff that is available to write, edit, and proof any text, but I am very much out of my league when it comes to understanding the design connotations of Japanese fonts. I am not so terrified of pairing Garamond with the Japanese version of Hobo (an obvious clash), as I am with pairing the Latin and Japanese equivalents of Bodoni and Tisa in a single headline.

I was wondering if someone could help me finding good pairing fonts for Dezen Pro regular (, mostly based on the same x height.
I would love to find the fonts that are different in the cut style but still create a good balance.
Dezen Pro will be used mainly as a title's font and the pairing font as text.

Now that there are millions of typefaces to choose from, what would be the best way to choose a good pair, specially based on the x height? Is there an application I could use that would allow me to overlap/compare side-by-side fonts on the fly without rely on Illustrator or Indesign?

Many thanks for all your help,


I'm designing a wedding invitation with Reina.
I've found difficulties in finding another good font with a x height that match Reina's and looks good with it.
It will be good also if the font to pair with Reina had several weights.

thanks very much! :))))

(sorry for the bad English)

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Font Pairing

What is a good serif font to pair with Futura? I'm using Futura Std Heavy/Bold to be more specific. I've been on the website and it says that ITC Century is a good one but I'm not sure yet if that's the best right now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably fonts that could be found on the Adobe Font Folio Package because that's what I have access to.

Hi folks,

Appreciate anyone who chips in to this. Fleshing out a branding/identity project and looking for pairing a serif typeface with Akkurat:

Akkurat is already established, used in the logo and has been used for body text. It is for a design agency. The challenge I've had is choosing a serif face to partner it. Why? When creating documents with longer passages of text, I'd rather not use Akkurat for absolutely everything. A lot of the clients are Universities and in the Education sector, and I always feel they prefer serifs as well (albeit ungrounded research).

Hi all !
I would be very pleased to get some advice and suggestions about the font pairing and global appearance of this combination. At the moment, it is just a start on a business card. The company is specialized in high-end microelectronics and wants to contrast radically from the other companies in their sector... I made some boards with different variations and identity elements, but I need to know what you are thinkning about those two simple lines : logo and font pairing... Thank you by advance to all of you !

Does anyone have a suggestion for a body font that will pair well with a headline made in Knockout ?

a) a simple clean, legible sans (e.g. helvetica or news gothic)
b) a beautiful, pretty serif (e.g. sabon or georgia)

The headlines will be using one of the Knockout styles 26/46/66 or 27 /47/67


I'm looking for body fonts that pair well with these heading fonts:

News Gothic Condensed Bold

News Gothic Extra Condensed Bold

Any suggestions would be great. As an aside, should the body serif also be condensed, or is it fine to pair a condensed sans headline with a non-condensed body serif.



I need a serif font that just fits nice with Egyptian Slate typeface:

I also use Slate (sans)

Thank you very much in advance!


Would anybody be able to help me, I need a typeface that will pair well with Hiragino Kaku Gothic stdN in a logo? It's the one with the little spurs/serifs.


Hi, I am a relatively new designer given the monstrous task of creating branding guidelines for my company. We're very much stuck with Proxima Nova as our main font (it is used in Logo specifically). Which I don't mind - but I need help pairing a complementary serif font - specifically for use as a body copy (such as paragraphs in employee handbooks, press releases - printed materials).

Any suggestions? (examples would be nice too)

Hey everyone im working on a project that involves creating a typographic logo that consists of the site title and the slogan. I really love the way that Calluna works for the Site title, but im having a hard time coming up with a good font for the slogan.

Calluna + Museo Sans is the best combonation ive been able to come up with...

If you think its necessary to use a font other than Calluna I'm definitely willing to switch, id just need a reccomendation.

Also if you would reccommend a different Layout id defenitely Consider it.


Hey guys,
I feel like I'm starting to get a fairly decent handle on font pairings, but I'm really kinda stuck on working with Letter Gothic. I'm trying to find a sans that will contrast the computer stone age look of Letter Gothic (like Futura vs courier), or give a little bit of the terry jones/ID magazine look. Is it also possible to use a serif against the slabby monospaced LG? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Cheers,

I'm narrowing down a type recommendation, and now I'd like to see something more natural than a specimen sheet. have any of your critical eyes found these two faces in use:

  • OurType’s Parry
  • FF Legato

I am trying to create a retro Soviet/Communist look.

Agency FB seems versatile enough to cover everything except body text and small stuff.

I found ParaType's "Textbook", which is based on a Soviet-era typeface, but it's a bit too geometric and doesn't seem to match Agency.

Any suggestions?

Have managed to persuade a client to reduce their corporate typeface from the awkward Fago range down to just using FagoExBold as a headline, and pairing this with Akkurat.

This works well to contrast the Character of the Fago headline font with a precise sans. Problem is Akkurat is too condensed for the aging design director as body copy, and does not read as comfortably as a text font. I have tried a -25 kerning and this seems to help.

But he is adamant the new Founders Grotesk is a better pairing for Fago! To me they seem to both have too much character to be seen together, and the clean nature of the Akkurat is a great contrast.

Any thoughts on how to make Akkurat work as body copy better? Or on the pairing choice?

Hi All,

Did I see a post for font pairings for Disturbance? If I'm not nuts and I did see it - it seems to have disappeared...

Does anyone remember it, and if you did, do you recall what the font pairings were?

It appears I'll be using Disturbance for a wordmark and have gone through a slew of pairing fonts for the tagline - nothing thrills me, so I thought I'd take a gander at the forum suggestions, but now can't find the darn post.



I am in the process of building a website setted in Museo .

I will embed the font with @font-face so no need for sifr and the likes.

I have a couple of questions for you experts : )

First of all, I am looking for a good companion italic for the font (it misses one), what do you think of museo slab ? Could it fit?

Second, do you think Museo can be a good font for body text or is it best to limit its use to titels and short bursts of text?

Third, in case you think the font is not suited for body text, could be museo sans a decent one?


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