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I wanted to take a classical garalde, flatten the serifs, and open the apertures a bit to create a more contemporary, 'Egyptian' style text face, almost like if Galliard and Clarendon had a child. This is what I came up with:

Right now I have just a few glyphs, but before I keep going, I wanted to check with those whose opinions I value so highly: Typophiles. Do you think think it's worth pursuing?



I'd like to share and get feedback on a set of capitals I have designed for a client work, maybe it will see the light of day as a font. I'm calling it Exotique, and it's a Modern Display Serif. It is made to be seen at big display sizes.

Cheers and thanks!

Egypt's missed opportunity

After the revolution the government has taken down the official site of the President and put up a "coming soon" page.

Unfortunately, they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to legitimately use "Papyrus" and they blew it. Instead it's "Algerian." Could have at the very least been Adrian Frutiger's "Egyptienne" too as a non-comedy option.


(x) Very extended retro slab serif - (similar to) Hellenic Wide {Lex}

I've seen this nice light extended slab serif typeface on 50s-60s signage, parking garages, schools, libraries, and old wood type block printing, but could never identify it! It's not Adore, Memphis, Serifa, Egyptienne, Beton... but it kind of resembles an extended Stymie, especially with the pointy bottom of the "N". I used to admire it daily on my way to the A Train in Bed-Stuy on a school on Malcolm X Blvd.

thanks all,