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Missing Font

Purchased font family doesn't display all fonts.


Hello guys

Would you be so kind, and have a look into that font collection please, and help me figure out how to get it to work?

I bought tyepface call; "summit", from http://lisidesign.com/font/summit

"Summit contains 10 styles available in 5 weights. The styles One, Two and Three for both Solid and Inline versions
(as seen above) are designed to be used in conjunction with one another. This layering system offers an incredible
array of combinations and effects."

For some reason the 5 weights display just fine, but their respective styles won't list. Only fraction of it.
I did talk to the author, and I was informed that he is aware of the issue happening to PC users. But yet to
find way to fix it.

Here is the font in question:

punctuation dosen't generate


Hi All,

I'm new to typography and I'm creating my first font in Fontforge. I design the characters illustrator first then import them in to fontforge.

I done the capital letters first and generated them to see what they were like. That worked. Then I done the lowercase letters and generated them. that worked as well. Then I done a few punctuation characters as well as the space character (8 all together), generated them. It didn't work. When I use the font in another software the capital and lowercase letters showed up but the 7 punctuations I have done don't show up and the space character works but is too big even though I made it half the size if font forge.

Thick Script Font Mystery

Hi everyone. I have a font mystery that I desperately need to figure out. I just got a graphic artist job and the owner used this font for a product name that has since disappeared from every machine it was on. This happened back in 2010. The files I have indicate that the name of the font was Tangerine. I have been able to find fonts with that name but they are not matches. So here is a rundown of what I know.

1. Script/Handwriting Font
2. Bubble Letter / Marker look
3. Disappeared from Apple computers in Dec 2010
4. Used to be called Tangerine.
5. Cannot find it anywhere on the internet under the name Tangerine.

The picture I am uploading are the only characters I have that I can show.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dan / Globalpuffer