Soho Body Text

Hey everyone!

Has anyone noticed that it is difficult to set body text in Soho Regular?

For me Regular it seems a bit to dark, whereas Light does the job much better. Also, probably due to the large x-height the Auto leading value of 120% is way too tight. Although, I think the large x-height is also responsible for high legibility and readability in small sizes, which is a good thing.

My own experimentation led me to a decision of using Soho Light 7.5/11.5 pt or 8/12 pt for body text.

Does anyone have any experience working with this typeface? Any comments/tips?

Is SOHO sacrilegious for a school identity?

I am working on a school identity for which I have chosen Soho.

My friend {who is more experienced and learned in this field} considers the choice 'sacrilegious'. While I love the way it looks.

I would like to hear from the denizens of TYPOPHILE, what they think about the choice of the typeface.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention. The logo type is in uppercase.