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Fontlab script (with a simple GUI) to complete Font Names & Metrics of a family


Playing around with Dialog Kit I've made a script to fill the most important fields in a font family at once in Fontlab. The program follows Karsten Lücke's recommendations about Font Metrics and Font Naming in his well known PDFs.
I'm sure several of you will point better methods or syntax :) so thanks a lot in advance. I will try to improve the interface and the script in the future, but for the moment, this is all I can do. Thanks to Tal Leming and Paul van der Laan for the help.

1- Open your fonts

Robofab in Glyphs and Python 2.7


Hey All,

I've been having trouble getting Robofab to work in Glyphs and even after installing it fresh from the latest source, I don't actually see a Python 2.7 folder in my Library, only 2.3 - 2.6 . . .

I suspect this conversation has already taken place somewhere on the forums but darned if I can find it . . . Any direction is appreciated!

Thanks in advance all,

Failed Font Experiment


I recently completed a failed font experiment, and, although I don't know if it's of any interest to anyone, I thought I'd share it anyway. If my wasted time fuels someone else's creative endeavors, then it wasn't entirely wasted.

The concept was weighting glyphs in a font based on their frequency of use in a given text canon. So, for example, my plan was to have a Shakespeare version of the font, a Brontë version of the font, etc. The less frequently a character is used in the canon, the darker the character would be in the font.

In any case, a more detailed writeup that includes python scripts and examples can be read here.

programming ligatures


Hi all,
First off, I have zero experience with coding and syntax for proper output.

I have just finished a typeface with the usual ligatures (fl, fi, ffl, ffi, even st & ct) and I want to make the ligatures automatic instead of being forced to navigate to the glyphs palette and manually apply ligatures.

I know the answer is in Robofab or Python but I do not have any experience with them and can't find a decent walk-through in the context of type design, specifically ligatures (since Python does all sorts of applications, type design being one).

Is there not a standard snippet of code that applies to all typefaces that automates the ligatures? "when U+0066 & U+0066 appear consecutively with U+FB00"?
I presume not.

Also, I use Fontographer 5.

Thanks in advance.

Interpolate Panel (Script for FL)


Hi, everybody...

I mixed two good things: first, the fabulous Interpolate Nudge module from Christian Robertson and by the other hand, DialogKit from Tal Leming, the result is a very simple tool that for me is very useful. I share this with you, maybe it could be useful for someone else... Please, feel free to use it!

Interpolate Nudge -> http://betatype.com/node/18
Robofab -> http://www.robofab.org/download/index.html
(I've only tested it on FontLab 5.0.4 / OSX)

No warranty
The script is provided as is (Free and without warranties, support, etc...)

Donwload the last version from: http://www.emtype.net/tools_01.php