FOR SALE: Photo-Lettering, Inc ALPHABET THESAURUS Nine Thousand



To all collectors and type enthusiasts, I'm selling my pristine copy of the book listed below. I thought you guys passionate about typography might be interested to own one of the most elusive and sought-after book of typography, lettering and phototypesetting.

Check the photos from this link : http://imgur.com/a/irOS7
Price is $1000 (excl. shipping). If you are interested, please contact me from my Typophile profile page.

Title : Alphabet Thesaurus Nine Thousand
Author : Photo Lettering, Inc., 1960. PROFESSIONAL EDITION.

Lining Gothic specimens?

From what little I've seen of the few different Lining Gothic's, I find the them charming.

I really like No. 66 & No. 545, but I haven't been able to look at them up close.

Does anybody know a place on the net with some good specimens of the family?

(I understand that Lining Gothic isn't a full-fledged family.)

Searching for Dwiggins typographic sketchs


Hello everyone,
I'm searching for some unreleased typographics drawings of William Addison Dwiggins. I've heard about some fonts like "Falcon" (I already have a bad pic of this one) or also "Hingham" etc.
Can someone help me about it ? I'm franch and it's quite complicate here to reach this kind of stuffs...

Heráldica Script


About Heráldica Script

We are proud to add a very complex and new font to our collection.

Ornamented scripts are a Koziupa/Paul specialty, and Heraldica is one of their most expressive. It attains the very definition of deluxe by conjoining the classic thin-and-thick script treatment with thin-only counterpart strokes, then it goes the extra mile with a varied complement of overlaid flourishes. The usual assortment of multiple alternates and ending forms pushes it even further in class and versatility.

Monograms, logos, jewelry packaging and book covers are only a few of the possibilities with such a high-end script.

Digital Iridium -- any good?

I recently came across a book, c. 1990, typeset in A. Frutiger's Iridium (Linotronic 500), and realized what a beautiful typeface Iridium is. Like a happier Walbaum, a more humane Bodoni, a better-crafted New Caledonia...

As the Linotype specimen sheet, as always, isn't too helpful -- has anyone has ever used the digital version, or seen a book typeset in it?

thanks in advance!

Sudtipos Hipster Script released


Very happy to announce that Hipster Script is finally published. Hipster got a TDC 20120award and was selected by the Bienal Tipos Latinos.


Featuring more than 1800 glyphs containing ligatures, endings, etc. Hipster is available here:

Check the specimen pdf released with the awesome German Paley's photography collaboration. www.sudtipos.com/downloads/Hipster-Script.pdf


Dead Designers, Typographers & Foundry's

When can I copy and sell an expired Typographer's or a current Foundry's type collection if it goes out of business? I am actually being serious when I ask this with sarcasm infused.

I have noticed that roughly in the last 10 years that with the evolution of the internet and software programs, that so many past font specimens have been converted into "updated" versions of typefaces. I realize from previous threads and the comments provided that this takes skill and is really some sort of talent to pull off effectively. That is nice.

Which foundry used “The Reflex” as sample text for a typeface specimen?

You know those single-page specimens the kool kidz at foundries gin up to exhibit many variants of a typeface family on the same page? Each line tells a little story and uses its own variation, as seen on the left-hand page of the illustration for David (“Fools!”) Berlow Type Specimens.

But sometimes all the lines put together tell a big story. I have a dim racial memory that one of our number used the lyrics of Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” in exactly this way. False-memory syndrome? If not, who did it? Don’t leave me answered with a question mark here.

Specimen Book of 19th Century Ornamented Type


This past summer I printed a small specimen book of 19th century ornamented metal typefaces from the collection at Wells College.

The book is printed in two colors on Arches text laid and all the types are 24 points and higher, one specimen is 72 points. Each typeface gets its own page with a complete showing of all the sorts available in the case. Only one or two faces are missing sorts. There are many shaded ones.

The typefaces are:
Tinted, Tasso, Banquet, Antique Extra Condensed, Aquatint, Dandy, Modoc, Columbus, Art Gothic, Rubens, Yukon Pointed, Tuscan Stellar, Halftone, Obelisk, Alpine, Gothic Shade, Ruskin, Condensed Roman, Ray Shade, Tuscan Floral, Souvenir and Aurora Uncial.
The labels, front matter and colophon are all set in Dante.

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